General Banking of Jamuna Bank

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1.2) Background of the study:

It is a customer satisfaction survey of Jamuna Bank Limited in Dilkusha Branch. There is no previous report on customer satisfaction, that’s why decided to research on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the individual’s perception of the performance of the products or service in relation to his or her expectation (Leaon G. Schiffman) Basically Banking is service oriented business. In service oriented business customer satisfaction depend on good service quality, service recovery paradox, low price and how much easily it is available to customer. Jamuna Bank Limited always tries to provide better customer service. In almost all business situations it is more expensive to win new customer than to keep new customer (leaon G. Schiffman). According to Schiffman and Lazar Kanuk, satisfied customer buy more products, satisfied customer are less price sensitive ,it is cheaper, satisfied customer spread positive word of mouth.

1.3 Scope of the Study:

This study deal with the analysis of the customer satisfaction and expectations about services of the Jamuna Bank Limited. This study was limited within the Dhaka city specially Dilkusha in Motijheel and in the neighborhood area under the command area of Dilkusha Branch.

1.4 Objective of the Study:

Broad objective: To achieve a clear idea of customer satisfaction about the services of the Jamuna Bank Limited. Specific objectives: The specific objectives of the study are: 1. To identify the factors of customer satisfaction.

2. To evaluate the level of customers satisfaction.
3. To find out the problems of customer satisfaction
4. To recommended some suggestions


This is a descriptive type of research.
Types of data used: Both primary and secondary data are used. Secondary data sources: a) Published materials in the internet. b) Annual report and brochure of Jamuna Bank Limited. Primary data: The target population of this study is existing account holders of Jamuna Bank Limited in Dilkusha Branch. The sample size is 48 respondents for the survey. Simple random sampling technique was applied for drawing the sample. To reduce sampling error tries to use words that consumers routinely use, tires to use clear questions, and tries to use questions that respondents able to answer. Sample size of 48 is to be selected from a sampling frame containing 150 elements. These elements are account number of existing account holders. Method of data collection: Questionnaire method have used in data collection. Closed-ended question have used. The questioning is structured. A formal questionnaire is prepared and the question is asked in a prearranged order. ‘Likert Scale have used for descriptive analysis.

Data Analysis Method: Statistical data comparison tools like Average, Standard Deviation, Mean, Cross Tabulation, Descriptive Analysis, and Frequency Analysis. Data Analysis was done mostly with the help of SPSS.

1.6 Limitation of the Study:
The following problems influenced the report:
a) Lack of comprehension of the respondents was the major problem that created many confusions regarding verification of conceptual question. b) Limitation of time was one of the major problems for the study. Because for limited time, the sample size was limited with 48 persons. c) The survey is based on customer’s response in Dilkusha Branch. d) The samples are not enough for this kind of survey because they are a very small in number (48 respondents)

Chapter 2: Learning Part

2.0 Discussion and Analysis The key factors influencing customer’s satisfaction of a bank include the range of service, rate, fees and price charged. It is apparent that superior service, alone, is not sufficient to satisfy customer. Prices are essential, if not...
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