Overall Banking of Bank Asia Limited

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Bank is a financial institution whose main aim is to earn profit through exchange of money and credit instruments. A banking company must perform both of the essential function accepting of deposits and lending or investing the same. If the purpose of acceptance of deposits is not to lend or invest, the business will not be called banking business. It may be said that banking in its most simple form, is as old as authentic history. As early as 2000 B.C. Bany Lonians has developed a system of banks. In ancient Greece and Rome the practice of granting credit was widely prevalent. According to some authorities the word "Bank" is derived from the words banco, bancus, banque or bance. All of these words mean a bench upon which the mediaeval European bankers used to sit with their coins to transact banking business. When a banker failed to meet his obligations, the angry people used to break up his "banco". The account for origin of the word "Bankrupt" which means bank failure but whatever be the origin of the bank, the word came to be used in Europe from the middle age in connection with the business of bank. Money also links the history of banking. It created a logical necessity of banks. However, the birth of present day banking is not sudden. It has come to its present stage through a process of development. During the last decade, banking became the most competitive industries of Bangladesh with a huge amount of growth. A large number of new banks have made their way in the industry and yet there are more to come. In such a highly competitive service industry, ‘customer satisfaction’ is a very important factor to consider. High customer satisfaction and loyalty give an organization a better base than its competitors and allows it to flourish in the industry.

General Objective

The general objective of preparing this report is to fulfill the requirement of project work as well as completion the BBA Program through gaining the experience and view the application of theoretical knowledge in the real life. Also find out the Operational Process of the Bank and it’s overall Performance.

Project Objective

The objectives of this report are the followings:

➢ Get introduced with the idea of “Customer Service Quality” in Bank Asia Ltd.

➢ Introduce with the Bank service quality assessment tools

➢ Techniques to win a strong customer base

➢ To know the expectations of customers of Bank Asia Ltd.

➢ To analyze different activities of different desk.

➢ To analyze different rules and regulations of the Banking System.

➢ To analyze the procedures of making loan.

➢ To analyze how to provide better customer service.

➢ To analyze how bankers introduce their product to the clients and customers.

➢ To know how people communicate with clients, customers and head office about different purposes and how they use information system.

➢ To Know the position of Bank Asia Ltd in the Market

➢ To know the study’s and conditions of overall performance

➢ To make some recommendations and conclusion to further the development of Retail products of Bank Asia Ltd.

1.3 Methodology of the study
To make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information were used widely. Both primary and secondary data sources were used to prepare this report. The nature of this report is descriptive with some survey or using sampling method. Most of the necessary information has been collected by a questionnaire, officers working in Retail Banking.

Both the primary and secondary forms of data are used to make the report more rich and informative.

The details of these sources are gives below:...
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