Service Strategies of Banks

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University Of Mandalay

Master Of Business Administration

MBA Programme

Internship Report On


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Ma May Zun Oo
1MBA - 72

ContentPage No.

I. Introduction to Banking
1.1 Introduction1
II. Organization Overview2
2.1 Background history of AGD Bank Ltd.,2
2.2 Business Model2
2.3 Motto2
2.4 Location2
2.4 Organization chart of AGD Bank Ltd.3
III. Banking Services and products4
3.1 Accepting Deposits4
3.2 Lending Loans4
3.3 Remitting Money5
3.4 Other customer services5,6
IV. Analysis of Departments at AGD Bank (Mandalay Branch)7
4.1 Saving/current Department7-10
4.2 Remittance Department11
4.3 Loan Department12
4.4 Administration Department13
4.5 Cash Department14,15
4.6 Domestic Department16

V. Situational Analysis17
VII.The internship Program19

Firstly I gratefully acknowledge Professor Daw Kyi Kyi Swe, Program Director of MBA, who gave me the chance to do my internship at Asia Green Development Bank Ltd., (AGD). Managing director of AGD, U Ye Min Oo, also deserved special thanks for allowing me to do internship in his organization. Besides, there are many people who supported me in formulation of this report and without the support of them I could never be able to complete this report successfully. In this respect, I would like to give my gratitude to a very important person U Bo Htay , Branch Manager, who shared his knowledge and experiences and kindly helped us during the whole internship at AGD Bank Ltd., Finally I want to express special thanks to the qualified staff members of AGD Bank Limited, who cooperated with me with their guidance at each step of my internship. They have provided me a lot of important information and knowledge about the banking operations in a very short period of time.

I. Introduction
1.1Introduction to banking
Due to globalization and expansion of international business, finance plays the major roles for the economic development. The development of a modern economy would not have been possible without the use of money. A fundamental characteristic of money is that it is like a collective commodity. There is a parallel relationship between the money and banking. Bank is an important and essential financial institution for the necessity of the use of money and the protection of the money.

At the very arena of globalization and technological innovation, banking business has become more competitive. To cope up with this, bankers should have huge theoretical knowledge and professional skill as well as technical basis.It is quite impossible for any country to develop in industrial and commercial sector without sound banking system in modern economic era.

Financial structure of Myanmar includes state-owned banks and state Insurance Institution and Private banks. State-owned banks are Central Bank of Myanmar and four specialized banks, namely The Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank, The Myanmar Economic Banks, The Myanmar Agriculture and Rural Development Bank. The Myanmar Insurance is the sole Insurance Institution underwrites various kind of insurances. In accordance with new banking law licenses to seventeen Domestic Private banks to operate and permit 32 Foreign bank for opening of their representative office in Myanmar. 

II. Organization Overview
2.1 Background history of AGD Bank Ltd.,
Asia Green Development Bank (AGD) was incorporated as a private company according to instructions of Central Bank of Myanmar(CBM). It was founded by U Tay Za, Chairman, in 6th August 2010 .The bank start its commercial operations on May,2010 .Managing Director is U Ye Min Oo. It is now providing their banking service with 22 branches and it has plans to open more in future to expand its...
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