Current Scenario of Indian Advertising:

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  • Published : September 5, 2012
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The last 10-15 years have witnessed some great work by the Indian advertising industry that has also been recognized at Cannes. The popularity of Internet based Social Networking Websites and the advancement in technology has led to the emergence of digital advertising. The Indian entertainment and media sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy, and its segments have all witnessed tremendous double digit growth in the last few years. Growth has been seen in the advertising scenario in India in the past few years after the entrance of MNC’s and other major brands. India has already become a favourite market for these big corporations. The television & entertainment have grown largely in the past few years. The market is currently in favour of Internet based advertising which has projected a growth of 32 % in the next 5 years. This has happened on account of the increasing use of Internet and modern techonology. The adspend in internet advertising was around 5 billion in the year 2008 and presently it has increased to over 15 billion. OOH or Out of Home advertising has shown an immense rise in popularity and acceptance by advertising agencies. The estimated advertising spend was around 15 billion in the year 2008. This is expected to rise to around 25 Billion by the end of 2012. The current scenario is that there has been an increase in fragmentation of the audience/ consumers and the media. Hence the advertising & marketing spend has increased vastly. The amount of competition & the consumers expectations, lifestyle has changed drastically. The global consumer spending has rose. The Indian family has evolved and so has his buying capacity and purchase behaviour. Hence, the current scenario is that a large amount of research is done on the consumers and the related media forms which they use. A large amount of qualitative research is the backbone for a unique advertising message that would make a brand stand out in the competition. This is...
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