Print vs Video Marketing

Topics: Advertising, Emotion, Printing Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Video vs Print Marketing
In today’s environment when consumer’s preferences are changing faster than ever, advertising requires a suitable mix of both Video Marketing (TV/Online/Mobile) and Print Marketing (Newspapers/Magazines/Direct mailers). U.S. domestic advertisement spending (FY2009) clearly indicated the spread over both video and print media (TV-$58.3 billion, Magazines - $20.9 billion, Newspapers - $18.6 billion). Research shows that average time spent by consumers per day using Video Marketing (Online and TV) was 7 hrs against just 24 minutes using print media. Thus, audience is increasingly responding to digital formats and marketing is following that lead. Furthermore, increased penetration of mobiles and broadband is working in favour of video marketing. Although Video Marketing in powerful but Nielsen study showed that 30% population is still exposed to newspapers/magazines on daily basis. Print media ensures more attention making it extremely useful for customer retention. Also, in the current world of multitasking (texting, e-mailing, Music) magazines are most exclusive media (85% readers) as opposed to TV. Furthermore, Printed Direct Mailers are scanned by approximately 85% recipients. Moreover, Print provides a unique strategy to drive traffic to online marketing. It has been determined that consumers are twice as likely to make an online purchase if they receive a printed catalogue from retailer. 20% of online search population is driven by print ads. Therefore, ignoring print media can affect both direct sales and web traffic. However, since print ads are static, providing adequate information becomes challenging. Researchers believe that most purchase decisions are based on emotions and video is a more emotional medium than print. Thus website/TV is used to give detailed demonstration that makes buying decision easier. Therefore, no matter what product we are marketing, to maximize the impact of our campaign, we need to leverage our...
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