Crime Prevention

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Throughout my project I will be referring a retail shopping centre in tralee, kerry.The shopping centre trades between 8.00 am and 07.00 pm, six days a week and 10.00am to 5.00pm on Sundays I ahave decided to do this project on this centre as it is the only shopping centre located near my home aslo I chose thi centre as I am very familiar with it. Functions of notebook entries:

* To record matters which cannot be entrusted to memory.
* Make entry for each working day.
* To provide a permanent personal record of hours of duty and work done. * To record instructions, incidents and messages

* Fill out the top of your report clearly and completely as needed * While doing your rounds Be sure to take notes in your field notebook. Do not use your memory. Make sure to take Note the times, Dates and any persons involved if necessary.

* Remember your notebook may be used in a court of law as evidence or to assist you when testifying. Use it only for its intended use.

* The retail shopping centre was built in 2004 . The shopping centre employs ten security staff to cover its 90000 sq. ft. area. There is a purposely built security office with all the latest cctv monitoring systems. Uniforms for security are simple such as black trousers, black shoes and white shirt. A high visibility jacket will be supplied for car park duties there are over a 1000 free parking spaces. The only equipment a security guard will carry on them at all times is a two way radio system for communication purposes with the control room and co workers.

* Security personnel who guard entrances and exits must thoroughly screen people and packages to make sure no unauthorized items or individuals go where they shouldn't.

* Closely monitoring their assigned location be it static or patrolled, allows security guards to spot suspicious behaviour and prevent problems, including illegal activity. Enforcement
* A variety of tools help security guards enforce the law and rules, including communication devices like radios, monitoring devices like security cameras, detection devices like scanners and defensive instruments like batons. Emergencies

* When emergencies occur, security guards are often responsible for directing people in the area to safety, contacting emergency responders, attempting to determine the source of the problem and containing the threat. Law

* As an employer you are required to manage safety and health at work so as to prevent accidents and ill-health. * The law requires employers to:
* Carry out a risk assessment
* Identify the hazards
* Prepare a written safety statement
* Section 20 provides that every employer must have a written safety statement based on the hazards identified and the risk assessment under Section 19 and setting out how the safety, health and welfare of employees will be secured and managed. When preparing a safety statement, account should be taken of the general principles of prevention set out in Schedule 3 to the Act.

* Safety statements must be specific to the place of work and must set out – * The protective and preventive measures taken and the resources allocated to safety, health and welfare, * The hazards identified and the risks assessed,

* The plans and procedures for dealing with emergencies or serious and imminent danger, in compliance with Sections 8 and 11,

* The duties of employees as regards safety, health and welfare at work, and the requirement for them to co-operate on those matters with their employer and any person who has responsibility under the relevant statutory provisions,

* The names and, where applicable, job titles of persons assigned to perform tasks pursuant to the safety statement, and

* The arrangements for the appointment of safety representatives and safety consultation at the place of work in compliance with Sections 25...
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