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  • Published: November 26, 2008
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General orders for security guard provide directions and instructions of general application of the job. Each security guard is responsible for being fully familiar with and responsive to the general orders. These orders will not be modified or revised without the written authority of Human Resources Department.

1. Manner of Performance of Duty and Uniform
1. Security personnel will be firm yet courteous, efficient and tactful at all times while in the performance of their duties. They will never engage in arguments with any person, and will refer disagreements and misunderstandings to Site in-Charge/Project Manger. Security personnel must read, fully understand and comply with all general and post guard orders. 2. Security Personnel will, at all times, maintain a neat and clean appearance and, while on duty, be fully dressed in the prescribed guard uniform and equipment. Guards will be subject to inspection at any time. 3. The security guard must not participate in or support any activities that would be disruptive to the performance of their duties. 4. Security guard personnel will perform only those security duties identified by the company. Guards will not perform any other non-security or authorized functions during duty hours, i.e., gardening, housekeeping chores, maintenance duties, or any other duty which distracts the guard from his intended purpose. 5. Where appropriate, guards will maintain a neat, orderly, and legible logbooks, record books, incident reports or any other written record of duties performed or of any security event. 6. The relief guard will take complete charge of duties from the guard he relieves, including the post logbooks and all other equipment maintained at the site. 7. Guards will brief and pass on any special instructions to their guard concerning outstanding or significant events that occurred during the previous shift. 8. Guards will be alert to their surroundings and report any vehicles or individuals acting in a suspicious manner to the Site in-Charge. 9. Guard personnel will intercept, identify, and make the proper log entries for visitors and site facilities. Furthermore, guards will conduct inspections of persons, property and vehicles. 10. Guard personnel will conduct periodic, non-routine inspections of their assigned site and immediately report any unusual incident or emergency situation to Site in-Charge or Project Manager/HRD. 11. Guards will not leave their assigned post until a relief guard properly relieves them. 12. Guard personnel will maintain a high standard of professionalism while on duty. Guards will be polite and courteous in the performance of their duties. They will not use abusive language, be late for work, or be inattentive. Guard personnel will not act in any manner detrimental to the reputation of the company. 13. Guard personnel will comply with all orders or instructions given to them by the Site in-Charge. 14. Guards will not abuse their authority for personal or monetary gain. 15. Guard personnel will not gamble or engage in any illegal activity while on duty or while in uniform. 16. Guards will prepare an incident report immediately after observing a security incident. The incident report to be submitted to the Site in-Charge.

2. Fire Prevention and Reporting
In the event of an emergency, it is important that only correct and prescribed procedures are followed. Notify the Site in-Charge/Project Manager or HR Department. Civil Defense shall be called only with authorization of the PM or HRD. The objectives of fire prevention and reporting, in the orders of their importance, are: a. If the guard sees a fire, he should report it immediately and request assistance: inform the PM/Site in-Charge prior to attempting to extinguish the fire. b. Prevent the...
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