Crime Response

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Crime and Response

Today I am bringing you to read this proposal I bring to you today as store owners. Recently, the stores have become worried because this mall is now the hotspot for teenagers and gangs, because of this, both violent and property crimes have increased 150%. The parking lot robberies are at an all-time high, and shrinkage reports indicate that merchandise theft is 20 times that of the previous year. Some of the things that will be discussed in this proposal to you store owners is; how many property crimes there were and how to prevent and mitigate property crimes.

First thing I want to focus on is the surrounding residential area that we are in. As store owners when you look at the crimes that have been committed, you want to at least get some information on the offenders. Some information would be, where do they live, do they live in the area, once we find out where the offenders are from we can then track the record from childhood to now. Have any of the store offenders ever stolen anything before, if so where have you stolen it from. Look for the number of times, and who are some of the affiliates this person has with other offenders, one point of the Social Conflict Theory is people that society feels are lesser in value as a human, these people feel, society is unequal. Economics plays a huge role in human behavior. That is, people are often motivated by money and the possibility of making a profit, calculating the likely costs and benefits of any action before deciding what to do. This way of thinking is called rational choice theory (Crossman, 1). Some of the teens or gang members probably live in rough areas where there is a high poverty level and they feel as though they deserve to have the finer things that life has to offer as well. So they begin to steal things so that they can have this look they see on the television in videos or that they see other children at their school have. Seeing that this economy...
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