Deter Crime

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Why Would This Make Criminals Think Twice

In a society known for high crime rates would anyone really think twice before committing the actual felony. In many cases the criminal has to premeditate on how he go about getting the job done and how he can get away. Also, im sure its not at the best of his leisure to go back and double think about what he is doing and what might the repercussions to his actions truly be. In this lifetime death penalty is not anymore of a deterrent than life in prison.Therefore, I agree that death penalty does not deter crime.

Today many people can be going through lots of stress in life and feel that they need something to take their mind off of it but within the time period something might go wrong and without thinking they might snap which will result into something terrible or worse fatal. If you haven’t most of the crimes that are committed nowadays are crimes that aren’t thought out. The majority of times crimes take place is because of stored up anger, revenge for a loved one, or drug and alcohol abuse. Deterrence brings in the thought process of what should and should not be done but once you have committed the crime there is pretty much no turning back until proven not guilty in the court of law. Most people who commit murders though never expect to get caught or think out the life sentence for what they have done when its all over. If you think about it you realize that there is no better deterrent than the threat of life in jail.

The impact that deterrence has on country with death penalty is not so huge. “87% of the expert criminologists believe that abolition of the death penalty would not have any significant effect on murder rates”( M. Radelet). It was said that just because death penalty was in the question it distracted the the whole congress and board members to even finding solutions to the crimes. In many states there have been various polls that see how the people of each state felt about the effect...
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