Marketing Communications Test Questions

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Question 1“Green Marketing” appears to gain popularity among marketers today. To some marketers it helps them to develop a competitive advantage. The Directors of Cathay Pacific Airways seems to believe strongly in the advantages of “Green Marketing”.As the Regional Manager for Cathay Pacific Airways, you are asked to provide some inputs on what activities and strategies that the company can take to position itself as an “environmental friendly airline” (30 marks) | Question 2:In retail commerce, merchandising means maximizing sales by using physical presentation of products and displays to stimulate consumers to spend more. Assume you are in charge of the merchandising strategy and store-display for the Timberland store at KLCC. You are required to create a new “retail experience” to attract consumers to the products and brand. Select any concept of your choice, discuss how you may decorate the store with the help of P.O.P (point of purchase) to feature the new store-concept with any display materials, to enhance brand image and sales in a more inviting, engaging and emotional way. You may support your answers with drawings.(30 marks)| |

Question 3:Reputation management is becoming more important now. Many value-led organizations perceive promotion as an important strategy to breakthrough the clutter by building reputable brand-name in their competitive business environment. However, different countries’ business environments appear to have an impact on the promotional practices. Choose any under-developed country of your choice, critically discuss how the environments would affect SAKAE SUSHI’s promotional practices in building its reputation. Furthermore, explain and provide a rationale as to why many promotional practices used at local (Malaysia) may not be effectively...
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