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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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1. Introduction to managerial communication: Meaning, Importance & objectives – Principles of Communication, forms of communication, Communication Process, Barriers of effective communication, Techniques of effective communication. (2)

2. Nonverbal communication: Body Language, Gestures, Postures, Facial Expressions, Dress codes. The Cross Cultural Dimensions of Business Communication. Listening & Speaking, techniques of electing response, probing questions, Observation. Business and social etiquettes. (6)

3. Managerial speeches: Principles of Effective Speech &
Presentations. Technical & Non-technical presentations. Speech of introduction – speech of thanks – occasional speech – theme speech. Use of audio visual aids. (6)

4. Interview Techniques: Mastering the art of conducting and giving interviews, Placement interviews – discipline interviews – appraisal interviews – exit interviews. (2)

5. Group communication: Importance, Meetings – group discussions. Videoconferencing. (2)

6. Introduction to managerial writing: Business letters: Inquiries, Circulars, Quotations, Orders, Acknowledgments Executions, Complaints, Claims & adjustments, Collection letter, Banking correspondence, Agency correspondence, Bad news and persuading letters, Sales letters, Job application letters – Bio-data, Covering Letter, Interview Letters, Letter of Reference. Memos, minutes, Circulars & notices. (8)

7. Reports: Types of Business Reports – Format, Choice of vocabulary, coherence and cohesion, paragraph writing, organization reports by individual, Report by committee. (4)

Books Recommended:-

1. Lesikar, R.V. & Flatley, M.E. (2005). Basic Business Communication Skills for Empowering the Internet Generation. Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. New Delhi.

2. Ludlow, R. & Panton, F. (1998). The Essence of Effective
Communications. Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.

3. Adair, J. (2003). Effective Communication. Pan Mcmillan....
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