Business Writing Portfolio

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Business Writing Portfolio
XCOM/285 Essentials of Managerial Communication

Business Writing Portfolio


Business writing is important with a company to ensure effective communication to all individuals involved. I write business letters all day long and implement these techniques on a daily basis but I often use the wrong type of communication internally. It is important to consider your reader when composing your communication and what type of information is necessary to convey to your readers. This class has helped me to improve the writing I do every day and communicate effectively with all those that I work with. Knowing what information each group of individuals needs has helped me to improve my communication in all aspects of work and academically. [pic]

|Steps to business Writing | |Planning |Writing |Revising |Editing and Finalizing | |Analyze your problem and audience |Begin writing your information. |This is where you begin to put it |Check your document for spelling | |so you can define the purpose of |Free write for at least 10 minutes.|all together and polish up your |and grammar, word choice and | |your writing. |Pick out the key points you are |information. |format. | |Plan out your time; what is your |attempting to communicate. |Compile all submissions from other |Does it satisfy the standard | |deadline? |Put it all together; remember this |contributors. |English requirements. | |Break up one big project into |is your rough draft it does not |Evaluate the information, is this |Check for the “you” tone | |smaller more manageable tasks. |have to be perfect. |what you are trying to convey to |Proofread: Watch for typos like for| |Brainstorm: what do you need to |Play around with the style of |your audience. Do you have too much|and from or complaint and | |include in your writing. What |communication you will be using. |information or not enough? |compliant. | |objections are there to the |See what will fit with the |Check the flow, does it make sense |Present your finalized copy. | |information you will be conveying. |information you are attempting to |Check understanding have someone | | |Gather the information you will |communicate to your audience. |else read it. | | |need to complete your writing. | | | | |Chose how you want to present the | | | | |information to your audience. Will | | | | |you be using an outline, a list, a | | | | |chart? | | | |

February 24, 2013

Mr. James Doe
123 Anywhere Lane
My City, CO 12345

Dear Mr. Doe:

With the cost of fuel on the rise many suppliers have increased the cost of their goods. Because we know you value our low prices we do not want these increased cost to affect you the consumer. To keep these cost from being passed on to you we have decided to change our hours of operation.

Beginning Monday...
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