American Constitutional Law Test 2, Study Guide: Part II
Quizzes and Short Answer Questions by Chapter

Chapters 6 and 7 Quiz Questions:
1. In Branzburg v. Hayes the Court ruled that _____.
Reporters do not have a privilege that protects them from appearing in front of a grand jury

2. In FCC v. Pacifica Foundation the Court ruled that _____.
Broadcast media have the most limited First Amendment protection

3. True or False: As a general rule the Court has upheld content regulations of the press.

4. In Miami Herald v. Tornillo the Court found that _____.
The government may not compel the press to: (1) print particular stories, or (2) print stories for purposes of equal access.

5. New York Times v. United States virtually eradicated ______.
The ability of the government to regulate expression to protect national security.

6. In Roth did the Court rule on what community standards are based on?
No, the Court did not rule on what community standards are based on.

7. According to the Court in Memoirs v. Massachusetts, an item is not deemed obscene if it:
Has at least a modicum of social value

8. In Miller the Court set which standard for the value of a work?
It lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

9. Which justice could not define obscenity but knew it when he/she saw it?
Justice Potter Stewart

10. According to New York Times v. Sullivan a public official must prove _____ _____ to sustain a libel claim.
actual malice

11. In Hustler Magazine v. Falwell the Court _____.
increased First Amendment protections for the press

Chapter 6 short answer question:
12. Why is the Court more willing to allow regulation of broadcast media than of print media? (pages 334-338)

Chapter 7 short answer questions:
13. Explain two ways that government has attempted to enforce obscenity statutes. (page 361)

14. Describe the standard the Court set out for proving libel in Sullivan. (pages...
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