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Topics: Psychology, Cognition, Emotion Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 18, 2012
MGCR 222: Study Outline for Midterm
Format of midterm:

Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-ins: 50%
Three Essays (select three out of five): 50%

The following material is likely to be covered on the midterm • In-class discussions and notes associated with chapters: 1, 8, 9, 3, 4, 5 • Articles and cases covered from September 6th through October 3rd (excluding motivation) • All cases should be reviewed in the context of the entire course material that will be covered on the exam. Compare and contrast lessons learned and all relevant course material. Sample Questions: (We will review these in class Tuesday, October 9th)

1. Several errors have been reported by customers who submitted their film for processing at a drug

store chain. Jasmine, who owns these stores, discovered that the errors seem to occur when a particular new employee operates the film processing machine. The new employee claims that the machine isn’t working properly, so Jasmine investigated further. She learned that these processing errors do not occur while other people operate the machine. Moreover, when the new employee worked one day at another store, the same film processing errors occurred. What perception will Jasmine likely develop from this information? a.


Jasmine will likely make an internal attribution about the new employee’s performance Jasmine will likely make a self-fulfilling prophecy error
Jasmine will likely make an external attribution about the new employee’s performance

2.Which of the following is not included in emotional intelligence?



the feelings and emotions of other people
the job requirements for other people
how one can use emotions to influence others
how to manage emotions

3. Research has shown that managers who get promoted the fastest are those who spend most of their time on communication. (true/false)

4.Provide two “Content” and two...
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