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Bovée-Thill Business Communication
Supplemental Cases: Fall 2011

New cases to accompany
* Business Communication Essentials, Fifth Edition
* Excellence in Business Communication, Ninth Edition
* Business Communication Today, Tenth Edition
On the following pages, you will find 12 new cases to accompany Bovée-Thill business communication texts, each with a suggested solution or solution guidelines. The cases are tagged by skill category and appropriate chapter for each text. (Note that these cases appear in Business Communication Today, Eleventh Edition, in case you are using that text.)

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1. Media Skills: Social Networking, Microblogging
Business Communication Essentials, Chapter 6
Excellence in Business Communication, Chapter 7
Business Communication Today, Chapter 7
Foursquare ( is one of the leading providers of location-based social networking services. Millions of people use Foursquare for social engagement and friendly competition, and many business owners are starting to recognize the marketing potential of having people that are on the move in local areas, broadcasting their locations and sharing information about stores, restaurants, clubs, and other merchants. Your task: Review the information on Foursquare’s Merchant Platform at Now write four brief messages, no more than 140 characters long (including spaces). The first should summarize the benefits to stores, restaurants, and other “brick and mortar” businesses of participating in Foursquare, and the next three messages should convey three compelling points that support that overall benefit statement. If your class is set up with private Twitter accounts, use your private account to send your messages. Otherwise, email your four messages to your instructor or post them on your class blog, as your instructor directs. -------------------------------------------------

Note: Students should keep in mind that this service is provided in the spirit of friendly competition and creates marketing messages that are real-time, authentic, and enthusiastic. Timeliness is of vital importance in these messages to potential customers. Use the free tools provided by Foursquare to attract new customers and keep your best ones coming back. Offer customers extra enticements by using Foursquare Specials, attractive freebies that will boost your business. Special offers will be automatically presented in the Foursquare applications of near-by users for better promotion. Claiming a Foursquare Venue will also allow you to profile your customers and monitor their activities at the Venue Stats dashboard!

2. Media Skills: Blogging
Business Communication Essentials, Chapter 6
Excellence in Business Communication, Chapter 7
Business Communication Today, Chapter 7
U.S. automakers haven’t had much good news to share lately. GM, in particular, has been going through a rough time, entering bankruptcy, shedding assets, and relying on bailouts from the U.S. and Canadian governments to stay in business. The news isn’t entirely bleak, however. Chevrolet, one of the brands in the GM automotive stable, has just introduced the Volt, a gas/electric hybrid that might finally give drivers a viable alternative to the wildly popular Toyota Prius. Your task: Working with a team assigned by your instructor, write a post for GM’s dealer-only blog that describes the new Volt and the benefits it offers car owners. Include at least one photo and one link to the Volt section of GM’s website. You can learn more about the Volt at Chevy’s website, -------------------------------------------------

Note: While this post is intended for the car dealer’s blog, students should remember that they’re providing information ultimately intended for the customer. This will require detailed information presented in an...
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