Computerized Student Profilng

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The term “student profile” is used in several different senses in the education community. In all cases, a student profile provides information about a student, but the information can be presented and used in different ways. Student profiles can include data submitted by a student, as well as information which is added by staff members at an educational institution to provide a complete profile of the student. Access too many types of student profiles is restricted due to concerns about security and privacy. Admissions profiles can also include transcripts of interviews, records of interactions with the applicant, and other relevant data. If the student was accepted, the admissions profile will be used to generate a student profile for recordkeeping purposes, with the profile including records of personal data of the students like name, address, age, birthday, and some important details, and being maintained by the registrar. Education   had   been industrialized for the past centuries. From teaching and learning under a tree to developing the minds and skills of students through effective, efficient and modern way One of the best methods of student administration is the Student Profiling System. Student profiling system is professional and academic discipline concerned with the strategic, managerial and operational activities involved in the gathering, processing, storing, distributing and use of information, and its associated technologies, in society and organizations. Specifically, this computer-based profiling system is complementary networks of hardware/software that people or organization use to collect, filters, and process, create and distribute data.   Profiling systems are implemented within an organization for the purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of that organization. For a system such as this to have a long-term future, much will depend not only on how useful it is in the trial stages, and by the developing institutions, but also on how general sable the various parts of the system are to include other related functionality. People are in a position where if we are able to develop standards for the representation of this data, related to personal skills, careers, and life, the possibility will open of working towards a more universal system where someone can easily and quickly transfer data between various institutions. Statement of the Problem

This study is intended to suggest a Computerized Student Profiling for St. Stephen’s Academy at Laur, Nueva Ecija. Specially, it aims to answer the following question: 1. How may the Proposed Student Profiling be assessed in terms of the following variables:

1.1. Functionality;
1.2. Usability;
1.3. Reliability;
1.4. Efficiency;
1.5. Maintainability; and
1.6. Portability?
2. What are the features of the proposed system?
3. What are the steps to be done in order to shift to manual to computerized system? 4. How may the proposed system be described in terms of:
4.1 System Output
4.2 User Interface
4.3 System security
Scope and Delimitations
The study was conducted at NEUST, College of Information and Communication Technology in the year 2012-2013. The subject of the study focuses on the problem the school. They can add, edit, update, print and search the information of their students. It update of the school database as early as possible so that they will know how many students are enrolled in every section and year. They are able to store a lot of information of the students and making sure that their records is safe so they can look for it easily, if needed.

The System has limited users, only the 1st year to 4th year teachers, principal and school staff can use this proposed system. Students could not use the system. The said user should have computer with visual basic application to add, edit, delete, and view the profile of the student. As for the student profiling...
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