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International Systems Corporation - Ajax Plant
March 9, 2013
To:Bruce Nguyen
cc: William Silva, Denise Washington, Robert Strauss, Julie Fleming

From: Mr. Robert Bedford, Plant Manager
Re: March 4 Project Status Report
1.In reference to completing the Model 95 for production, I have spoken with William Silva, the department manager in charge of production, and presented him with instructions to assist with the number of capable new hires in production engineering, and to assist with the packaging tests. He will analyze the situation to provide an accurate number needed for new hires. William Silva will work closely with you and I, in our pursuit to hire capable and qualified new hires in production engineering, so that they are able to follow through with the excellent design created. The Model 80 problem and experience will not be repeated; rather, it can be used as a valuable learning experience that we will not repeat.

2.In reference to increasing funding for the multi-channel digital blood system, I have spoken with Denise Washington, the finance manager, to provided me with a date that would be convenient
her to meet with us. This meeting will allow you to present facts and questions for the positives
and negatives of the system to support your statement about the capability of the system and time management.

International Systems Corporation - Ajax Plant
March 9, 2013
To:Robert Strauss
cc: : Charles Gray, William Silva, Bruce Nguyen, Julie Fleming , Denise Washington

From: Mr. Robert Bedford, Plant Manager
Re: March 5 Project Increased Materials Costs
1.In reference to your concerns about parts shortages, high inventory and the steadily increasing
materials costs, I have spoken with Julie Fleming, the marketing manager, and William Silva, the production manager, to schedule a meeting this week. During this upcoming meeting, you will
be afforded the opportunity to present concerns to...
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