Student Information System

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First of all we would like to thank program director Mr. Satya Bahadur Shrestha and our subject teacher Mr. Keshav Poudel for providing us with an opportunity to do our project work on “Student Information System” as part of our syllabus. We are heartily indebted to our subject teacher Mr. Keshav Poudel for his constant support and guidance throughout this project. It was his valuable suggestions that helped us to cope up with emerging obstacles during the development of this project.

Group Members
Ashish Shahi
Sanjay Maharjan
Sulashyana Shrestha

Table of Contents

2.1. Introduction about the Project
2.2. Objectives
2.3. Scope of the Project
3.4. Existing System
3.5. Disadvantage
3.6. Proposed System
3.7. Advantage of the Proposed System
3.8. Problem Definition and Description
4.9. Package Selected
4.10. Resources Required
4.11. Feasibility Study
4.12.1. Operational Feasibility
4.12.2. Technical Feasibility
4.12.3. Economic Feasibility
4.12. Functional Requirement
4.13. Non Functional Requirement
4.14. Use Case
4.15. Sequence Diagram
4.16. Project Scheduling
5.17. Process Diagram
5.18. Entity Relationship
6.19. Testing
6.20.4. Unit Testing
6.20.5. Integration Testing
6.20.6. System Testing
7.20. Summary of the Project
7.21. Future Work

Introduction about the Project

Nowadays technology has reached its highest level and is in the phase of developing more with the new innovations. Student’s Information System (SIS) is an important aspect of any educational institute. The information about the student’s overall performance is important as to generate student’s progress report. Still different colleges record student’s performance report on the paper. Although records can be recorded on the paper manually, but this process is time consuming activity. With the advancement of technology, computerized techniques are more useful and consume less time compared to paper work.

Hence computerized techniques should be used in colleges to record and access student’s data which is more effective and efficient to use. The Student Information System is aimed to computerize the record keeping system as to make the job easier for the college administrators.

1.2 Objectives

The main objective of this project is to develop software that helps in easy access of the information about the student, their overall performance in one click. Our system is focused to make a web based SIS which makes the work of measuring student’s performance easier and efficient. The main intention is to provide a system with suitable efficiency and accuracy while maintaining its main objective to access student’s performance report. * Ensures that end users have input the design process.

* Accomplish project goals and objective within defined budget and time parameters. * To implement a computer based program as to make the work effective and efficient.

Scope of the Project

As discussed above this project is based on developing software that is capable of finding student’s performance report. The system will be able to show student’s performance report. This system will help to reduce the effort to record the entire student’s performance data in files. This system will save time and increase efficiency. This project is purely based on the research and along with the study and requirement of this project in academic field.


2.1 Existing System
The existing system of managing SIS in the college is based on the file recording system. The recording method of this system is totally...
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