System Analysis & Design

Topics: Entity-relationship model, Data flow diagram, Logical data model Pages: 18 (4764 words) Published: May 9, 2011

1.0Current System3
2.0Problem & Requirement from Waiters On Wheels3
4.0Recommend System4
5.0Feasibility Report5
5.1Technical Feasibility5
5.2Operational Feasibility6
5.3Economic Feasibility10
5.3.1Economic Benefits12
5.3.2Return of Investment Analysis13
5.4Schedule Feasibility14
5.4.1Workload Matrix14
5.4.2Gantt Chart15
5.4.3PERT Chart15
6.2OO Method18
7.0Fact Finding Techniques19
7.3Document Review23
8.0Design Phase24
8.1Data Flow Diagram24
8.1.1Context Diagram24
8.1.2Diagram 025
8.1.3Diagram 126
8.2Entity Relationship Diagram29
8.3Entity Life History30
10.1Book References36
10.2Web References36

1.0 Current System
The functions of the current system are when the customer calls in wanting to order, they need to record it into a piece of paper. After that, they need to send the orders to the right restaurant. When the food is ready, they need to know the location of all drivers so that they can ask the driver who is nearer to the area to pick up the order. So, they need drivers to call in and to tell them whether they are free. Sometimes when customer calls back wanting to change their orders, they need to change the order from the original order and notify the particular restaurant to make the change.

As a driver, they will get the copy of the bills directly from the restaurant when they pick up the meal, which should match with the calculations. The drivers collect the amount plus a service charge. When drivers report back when closing, Tom will add up the money they have and compare it with the records that they have. After all drivers reported in, Tom needs to create a deposit slip for the bank for the day’s total receipts. Normally Tom will use the computer to create the deposit slips, after that he will use printer to print out all the deposit slips and send it to the bank. At the end of each week, Tom will calculate how much they owe each partner restaurant at the agreed-to-wholesale price and send them a statement and check.

2.0 Problem & Requirement from Waiters On Wheels
They need a customer computer system to support their business operation. When a customer calls in wanting to order, Sue will record it and get the information to the right restaurant. She needs to know which driver is free to pick up the order. If the customers want to make changes with their orders, Sue needs to notify the right restaurant immediately.

The drivers get a copy of the bill from the restaurant and the amount should be the same as what Waiters on Wheels has received. After the drivers deliver the food, they will collect the payment including the service charge. After working hours, they will sum up the payment and compare the records that they received and create a deposit slip for the bank for the day’s total receipts. They need to send the agreed-to-wholesale price to each restaurant every week.

3.0 Solution
We need to design a program which can record down all the orders and cash transaction. In example, when a customer makes an order via telephone, Sue can immediately key in the orders to the computer system. Otherwise, if customers order via the internet, the orders which they make will be automatically sent to the company and Sue will be able to view it.

Every driver should have a walkie talkie that is directly connected to the company. So once they finished each of the delivery, they need to report to Sue so Sue will be able to know whether which are the drivers who are free so that Sue can...
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