Communication Skills/ Interpersonal Skills

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Communication Skills/ Interpersonal skills

After explaining the elements and the process of communication as explained in our textbook, here we come to talk about some terms which usually we hear about, but not gaining them as skills. In order to do so we need to practice such skill on a daily base, mainly in our classes.

Effective listening: it is essential to ensure accurate understanding and clarity of meaning in Communication by mainly: Asking questions; seeking information that clarifies the context of situation.

A model to help you understanding an abstract words by: trying to understand the meaning, focus on the behavior and specify it in hear, see and feel data which allow you to be concrete and tangible. (The productivity term example that presented in the class)

Information sharing is stating your thoughts and feeling to another with clarity and accuracy to reach the mutual understanding and satisfaction of both parties’ purposes.

Speaking: expressing your thoughts and feelings through words

Listening: is following the thoughts and feeling of another, and understanding what the other is saying and meaning.

The understanding depends on processing of information, and usually you want to uncover the psychological type of personality.

Barriers to Effective listening are:
1.the listener talks too much
2.the listener doesn’t listen for long enough
3.the listener remains silent and entirely unresponsive.

To give a proper feedback, we should think about the term of reflective listening, which involves paying respectful attention to the content and feelings expressed in another’s communication, hearing and understanding. Then letting the other know that he/she is being heard and understood. It requires responding actively to another by keeping the focus of your attention totally on that person.

We should keep in mind that perception is playing a pivotal role in how to clarify things better and during the...
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