Healthcare Communication

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Healthcare Communication


Ms. Patrice Ross

This paper provides information and definition regarding proper communication. It lists ways on how to be an effective speaker and listener.

Healthcare Communication
“Small group communication refers to how a group of individuals who are dependent on each other share information and meanings through a common set of rules” (Northouse & Northouse, 1998, p. 196). Communication is a vital part of healthcare practice. Not only does healthcare providers have to understand the daily medical terminologies used and be able to provide effective communication skills, they also have to be an effective listener. Communication is a two-way process. A speaker that provides the information, and a listener who accepts the information being given.

In the workplace, it is necessary to provide all relevant information regarding the patient’s hospital stay and condition. All staff need to provide any important changes in condition or necessary precautions needed to be observed in order to provide a safe environment for clients. In my experience as a psychiatric nurse, it is very important to let all the staff aware if any of the clients have any changes regarding their behavior, affect, or if they are having any thoughts about hurting themselves or others. It is necessary to provide this information to the nurse in charge and also the incoming shift, so we can make sure our nursing care is consistent.

To provide an effective communication, it is needed to have an effective speaker and an effective listener. To be effective, a speaker needs to talk in a clear tone, short and concise, but complete. Organize what you have to say and make eye contact. It is also a good thing if you face the person directly, as some people read lips and are hard of hearing. Body language also helps. If you have proper posture, not intimidating or slouching, then...
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