Health Care Communication

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Health Care Communication – E-mail

HCS/490 - Health Care Consumer - Trends and Marketing
April 18, 2011
Jean Carucci

Health Care Communication – E-mail
The advancement of technology has changed all areas of life as it is known in the United States. Health care is no exception to the ever-changing world. Communications between health care providers and patients and between providers within the health care community. E-mail communications have proven beneficial to both patients and health care providers. When used correctly, e-mail communication also offers security to patients in relation to their personal health information using encryption. E-mail is far form the only method of technologically advanced communications, and comparing and contrasting these differences will give further insight into the benefits of e-mail communication versus other forms of technology enhanced communication modalities. In addition to facilitating communication regarding patient health information, this modality of communication also enables health care providers to market products to patients. Even though e-mail has come a long way toward advancing health care communications, technology is ever-changing and media and the advancement and use of social networking sites by health care facilities has further changed how the health care community uses e-mail communications. Even with all the changes that have come about through the introduction of e-mail communications, health care is, and should remain a personalized field, and must not allow technology to distance health care providers from their patients. E-mail Communications

E-mail communication is an electronic mail system that allows almost instant written messages to be sent to the receiver (Merriam-Webster, 2011). Even though e-mail is an electronic form of communication, it creates a written record of the communication. Written records are valuable with health care communications, and e-mail communication allows providers and patients to capture records of communications as with traditional mail while still enabling the ease and speed of electronic communication. In health care, providers can use e-mail communication in many ways, from facilitating communication between the patient and provider or between providers to advertising health care services. E-mail is fast becoming a valued method for communication. Effective Method of Communication

Effective communication is vital in health care. No matter if that communication is between health care providers about a patient or between a health care provider and a patient, effective communication is vital to the care of the patient. E-mail communication offers health care service providers an effective form of communication to enable the facilitation of patient care. E-mail is an effective communication platform because it allows the participating entities to send and respond to communications in a timely manner. E-mail communication also enables health care practitioners to convey directions in a written format that will ensure the patient or other health care provider has the exact information the communicator is conveying. Another benefit to e-mail communication is a decrease in paper use, which could financially benefit the health care office, thus allowing funds to be used for other functions and increasing the efficiency of the office (American Medical Association, 2011). Benefits to Patients

E-mail platforms for communications can benefit patients in many ways. The primary benefit to patients is maintaining a written record of their medical information. When a patient visits a health care provider, the provider generally has many instructions for the patient. It can be difficult for the patient to keep track of all the information given during an office visit. If available, an e-mail record of the instructions would be beneficial because the patient would not have to try to either write everything down...
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