Nursing Administrator

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Nursing Home Administrator

December 6, 2012

Nursing Home Administrator

Great communication in any type of health care facility is crucial. It is the level of communication that determines the outcome for the patients of the practice. Whether that outcome is good or bad, it is in the facilities hands. As a nursing home administrator, it is their job to ensure every policy and rule is regulated to its full potential. They also have the responsibility of informing any and every member within the facility about HIPAA rules and regulations. By administering these two steps alone go into the whole patient quality experience. This keeps the practice at a stable and regulated condition for ensuring the patient receives the best care that they possibly can. Change in a nursing home or any health care facility can bring about much unwanted stress on every team member. This can start from the physicians and administrators and beam down to the patients. In a time of this level of stress it is most important to always follow the proper chain of command. This lightens the load and keeps much conflict and confusion under the radar. Communication will remain at an effective high point if these steps are followed properly. If these steps are either missed or not followed correctly then the practice faces the chance of approaching communication failure, which is what should be avoided at all costs. As an administrator it is always important to keep up with the latest communication methods and trends. They need to be aware of the latest technology and process. This will give the practice that cutting edge to place them above the rest. If an administrator is informed that changes will take place within a crucial time span, they have to be ready to take immediate action for the sake of the patients. For instance, if a nursing home facility gets notified that they will be sold to a national group. Every single detail from this change will have to be...
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