Switching to Electronic Health Records

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My Advocating in Switching to HER
By: Amber M. Cadieux
American Intercontinental University Online
January 7, 2011

The scenario for this assignment has asked me as a health care employee to provide information on electronic health records. The information I include should provide positive and effective feedback to convince the medical management staff to switch their current record filing system which happens to be paper records to electronic filing.

EHR Continuity of Care and Coordination
The staff employed in a medical facility depends on many things to keep the quality of patient care in the positive and efficient. Physicians and nursing need the current and most recent information on a patient to ensure this. The EHR system makes this more possible because the rate for exchange of information increases with this system. It not only provides more accessibility to a patient records from the other facilities and departments that also carry their medical information, but can also ensure the patient will get the best care possible by keeping the staff up to date with their medical information using these coordinating methods. Some of these methods include information such as diagnostic reports where they can be uploaded into the system instantly once complete and offer a faster rate of review for the staff. Did I mention that this system also notifies the assisting staff when these reports are ready for review? Imagine how many live could be saved or changed with this? (Dickerson, Sensmeier, 2010).

In a recent study that was conducted where medical facilities with who utilized the EHR system versus the facilities that used the paper system showed significant improvement after six months. Some of these improvements included better documentation and treatment methods as a result to the accessibility of the EHR system. This study also showed a significant improvement in the coordination of care for patients with this system. (Graetz, Reed, Rundall, Bellows, Brand, Hsu, 2009). What is Health Care Without Communication?

Effective communication is a key element in providing quality patient care in a medical facility. Without an effective communication system in the facility there would be chaos and could result in the patient’s health being put at risk. The EHR system offers many improvements where it offers multiple facilities the ability to review and make important decisions for the patient’s medical issues. Some of these improvements are because the assisting staff has the chance to communicate as a team to ensure the patient treatment and educational methods are on the right track. The EHR system provides a secure system where patient information and correspondences can be shared at a faster rate than transferring paper records and returning phone calls. This system eliminates the waiting period that facilities in the past experienced with the paper system and this enables the staff to focus more on the patient than on tracking down information or returning calls. (O’Malley, Cohen, Grossman, 2010). Accountability and HIPAA in the EHR

HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was founded in 1996 to increase the quality of data, ensure patient privacy, and enhance the security methods used in health care. The EHR system us required by the HIPAA organization to use specific control methods to ensure these. The system requires all medical staff in a facility to be trained with the security measures used where they will each have individual passwords. The type of access each staff member will be determined by the management team of the system and their activity in the system is also monitored to ensure patient confidentiality. (Health Information Systems Management, 2004). What Information Will You Find in an EHR?

What you can expect to find in an EHR is very similar to what you would find in a paper medical...
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