Clocky Case

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Gauri Nada is an entrepreneur and her invention Clocky which as new generations of alarms which she considers to be the solution for the problem of waking-up in the morning. Nada’s product has reached the media and it have created buzz in the market. it has a coverage that many of the available products in the market can’t have it in such a free way. Consumers in the market are highly excited for this product and they also consider that it will fulfill their need regarding the issue of smooth waking in the morning and it will help to decrease the rate of being late to school of jobs. This coverage stressed pressure on Nada who is now on many crossroads regarding the production and the introduction of the Clocky in the market of the United States. Nada have studied each item carefully but she hasn’t reached her decision yet since she considers that her product needs more time to reach the market.  Another issue to consider is that is she benefiting from the interest og the media in her product or this will have negative effects on the products and its chances in the market.

Gauri Nada has created a product which she considers that it will be the solution to the people who find hard time to leave bed in the morning.   She named the product Clocky. The innovative concept of Clocky has drawn the media attention to it, and the Buzz is created, and Clocky is considered to be a star at different media vehicles. This media attention put Nada under pressure, since its product is not prepared yet for mass production. It is still considered as a concept product. Nada have to take many decisions regarding the production and the marketing strategies. These decisions have to be made wisely to insure the success of the product in the market. Each item of the strategy have be calculated well and its advantages and disadvantages have to be known for   Nada which consider this product to be part of her, especially that she have invested a lot of money and time and effort in order to bring Clocky to life. Nada ‘s major fear is that Clocky might become a fad and it will be forgot in a short period of time, for this reason she is hesitant about the idea of introducing it to the market  Product Analysis

Nada is considered to be an enteurprener and those people have innovative ideas that they introduce to the market and they can generate success through them At the beginning Clocky was designed by Nada as a project for her electronic course. The idea is generated from its own experience; she herself is one of those people who find waking up in the morning as a difficult task.    Nada considered that alarms which already available in the market are not the solution for such a problem and they are not fulfilling the need of the consumers especially of the introduction of the snooze button. .

Clocky is an alarm that   runs away through the room to make people who are sleeping move up from bed to turn it off, and this will prevent the person from getting back to bed, since Clocky do it in a way that is considered cute to the people who have already viewed Clocky. In 2005 Clocky became public when its images were spread through websites such as and This pushed Nada to stop working on her thesis, and planned to continue working on Clocky . Nada’s plan is to create a product that is warm and friendly, but it is able to wake people up in a nice way. Nada says:” Clocky is like you’re hungry pet. He’s going to wake you up and get you out of bed and he’s cute.” She decided for Clocky to be a male cause she felt so. Clocky do not look like a typical alarm.  People considered that it has an alien look; others considered that it holds a cute factor. These comments pushed Nada to create a design that would appeal to wide audience, and that will be accepted by a huge segment of the market. Clocky doesn’t have a snooze button like most of other available alarm clocks. Neuroscientists who study sleep...
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