It Week 5

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Week 5
Daniel Smith

The article from Product News Network (2007) introduces 4TOPS, a mail merger that can be embedded within Microsoft® Access®.

What are some key attributes of this product and how may it help the operations of an organization?

How do third-party plug-ins change the process of diagnosing and troubleshooting errors within an application?

What steps would you take in diagnosing an application that has been changed from its original state?

How does this affect the level of support required to facilitate Microsoft® Access® users?

Explain your answer.
Some key attributes that this product has is six different mail merge types: document, email, listing, directory, labels and envelopes; and is extremely user friendly with Mail Merge Wizard, Template Designer and Process Designer. This can help operations of an organization by helping employees learn how to use the program and providing types for the employees to choose from. When you have third-party plug-ins it makes it more difficult to figure out and fix problems. The first step would be to figure out if it is a problem with the program already, or if it is something they did that is causing the problem. The last step is after you have found the origination of the problem is to fix it. This may have its own challenges whether it is from the original application or something they added, they both can prove difficult to fix.  This affects microsoft access users level of support by making it harder to figure out who you need to help you with your problem. If it is access then you will need to get help with access but if it is with the other application you will have to contact someone else. 
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