Week 5

Topics: Statistics, Null hypothesis, Thing Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: February 11, 2013
There are five steps that you use when using the hypothesis texting. The five steps are step 1: State the hypothesis, and what we are trying to prove. Step 2: Describe the size of the sample and the population from which data is being gathered. Where and how are we going to produce evidence to support our hypothesis? Step 3: Identify the statistics being tested and the data that will be used to support the hypothesis. Step 4: Find the critical value and determine what evidence will directly support a hypothesis. Step 5: Calculate the value of the test statistic, using the sample data. There are two types of hypothesis you have a null and an alternative hypothesis. Null can arise in many different ways. It may link to the prediction. May signify some simple circumstances may assert complete absence of structure in some sense. The correlation between two variable explain if there will likely be a change in the variable and that will effect a proportional change in other variables. A high correlation means they share a common cause. There are a number of things that I am confused on in this class and having a little trouble with. I can do pretty good in the my stat lab. But when it comes to the different types of statistics I seem to struggle. I also struggle with calculating the central tendency and dispersion. Another thing that I not so confident in doing is calculating area between two data values and tell whether they are above or below a certain value. These are some of the thing that I have problems on some worse than other but throughout my busy schedule I am determined to figure these things out.
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