Child Development Observation Essay

Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Developmental psychology Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Child Observation Study
Elia Janet Garcia

Name: Delyla
Age: 2 years old

Physical Development
1.) Describe the child’s physical appearance.

Short and chunky, about 2 feet tall, around 25 pounds, stubby arms and legs, and soft, short curly hair and a small beautiful smile

2.) Give examples of gross motor skills that you observe. Are they age-typical?

She walks, runs, and crawls fine. She doesn’t grasp objects very well and she likes shaking them. She needs help climbing and she likes hanging on things.

3.) Give example of fine motor that you observe. Are they age-typical?

She plays and grasps almost anything she can get her hands on. The mother then feeds her bread and the child attempts to feed herself but the bread had crumbled in her hand. Then the mother gives her a twist top bottle of Gatorade and the child was able to twist it open and drink from it without spilling.

4.) How does the child move? Does he/she appear comfortable with his/her physical abilities? Give examples.

She tugs on her clothes a lot and the pigtails on her head. She seems to pick at her sandals as if their a bit too rough to walk in. the sandals are so uncomfortable that she runs like a robot.

5.) Does the child demonstrate preference of “handedness”? (left/right) She scribbles and reaches best with her right hand
6.) Would you evaluate the child to be with in average range for physical/motor development in his age group? Why or why not? According to “The gross and fine motor development in the first 2 years” she is accurately in average range of her motor skills. She is capable of performing all actions on the chart. Her abilities show that she is a good visualizer.

Social/ Emotional Development
1.) How does the child relate to other people? Give example if interactions with family, friends, teacher, ect. The child reacts to the grandmothers call more responsive then the mothers call. With other people the...
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