Fine Motor Skills

Topics: Finger, Hand, Eye Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Fine motor
Fine motor Skills are very little but develop gradually as the baby grows , . When a baby is born they have a grasp reflex which disappears after a few weeks this set of reflexes the grasp reflex where you put your fingers against the baby’s palms and the baby grasps them tightly , Reflexes help babies to survive until they gain control of their body and can make movements for themselves the baby’s hands are usually curled for at least three weeks and at this stage the baby’s hands begin to relax, when their palms are touched they will make a very tight fist which is an unconscious reflex which is called the Darwinian reflex. the baby’s eyes also are attracted to light and bright objects this is when it is positioned at (20-25) eye to eye co-ordination this is because he can see though it can’t focus at a distance this is because the nervous system is not yet sophisticated but the baby would try to move his eyes , it would also strengthen his eye muscles and helps it learn to co-ordinate both eyes and move its head at the same time, which is known as cerphalo cordial development. The baby also shows more interest in the surroundings and follows people and objects as they move around and recognizes its mother , towards the three months stage the baby becomes interested with playing with its fingers and could now hold and object for a short time, . This is the period where they begin to do trial-and error practice at sighting objects and grabbing them. and at 5 months could transfer objects and hold things in its finger for a longer period of time, the baby will be able to grab toys with whole hand which is called palmer grasp and starts to bang the objects although their grab is till clumsy they passes objects from hand to hand turn it over and will have acquired the skill to try and put those things in their hands into their mouth. and at 7 months when the objects its holding falls on the floor and the baby looks for the object this shows its hand...
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