Cell Phone Industry

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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The Cell Phone Industry
By Cecily Rodgers
Contemporary Business
Dr. Quinn

Forty years ago if a person mentioned the thought of a cell phone being an intricate part of daily routines for millions of people, it would be very hard idea to believe. Today, consumers have a choice to purchase a cell phone with different types, sizes, and colors. Because there are different choices of devices, there are different companies that provide these devices, hence creating competition to provide a better functional device. Mobile phone industry is not only developing in its hardware sector but the mobile phone software sector is where the development is being concentrated these days and the most phenomenal progress is in the mobile phone operating systems development (Ling, 2004). The two top operating systems that are sold today include Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOs. These companies not only try to take over the marketing and sales field but also the software field as well. Android is a software toolkit for mobile phones, developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Google did not actually create the android operating system, but when Google took it over, they improved it and made it an open source platform (Shane & Darcey, 2012). This open source platform allows this operating system to be used on any phone manufacturer unlike Apple devices. This is what sets it apart from other phones and allows the consumer to create a more personalized mobile experience. The Apple iOs is considered the most popular operating system, though, not by a large margin (Lashinsky, 2012). The ability for this operating system to acquire custom applications is one of the primary reasons for its popularity (Strzempka & Hoog, 2011). From its first release in 2007 on its iPhone device model, it has intercepted the cell phone industry by providing advanced functionality and usability. It was expanding at an increasing rate because of the differences it...
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