Appel vs Android

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  • Published : November 20, 2013
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Apple vs. Android
Are you an Apple or Android? Well today it seems like Apple’s products are the best that’s out there; whether it’s an iPod, MacBook, a smartphone or tablet. According to the class survey 100% of the class own an Apple product, and 58% own 2 or more. Apple products are notorious for being at the front of popular trends. For numerous reasons Apple products drive people to wait in lines for days before an upcoming launch or stay up late to be among the first to pre-order for the latest and greatest devise or mac.

Apple and Android are the two highest selling products, have fast processing, and are very sleek. Apple Inc. is worth approximately $560 billion dollars. Android, owned by Google, is worth approximately $186 billion dollars. Apple Inc. is a well-known American multinational corporation that focusing on designing and then marketing consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Apple Inc. was established on 1st April 1976 in Cupertino, California. The company was founded by the key persons in Apple Inc. history, Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs) and Stephen Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) and Ronald Wayne.

Similarities of Apple and Android products are basic. They are both two fast developing systems. They both produce phones, tablets, and run their own internets. They are the two highest products sold in the world. They also have the highest rated and updated software.

Apple has closed software, and runs their own product internet, Safari. 27% of U.S. owners alone own an Apple smart phone. The Apple iPad’s beat Android tablets by a 66% to 26% vote. People used more IOS than Android products by a vote of 58% to 31%. 45% of U.S. owns an iPhone. Apple blows away Android by 90% of revenue going to Apple products and sales.

Android is owned by Google. They have an open source purchased by Google. Android has over-taken Apple in app sales, since January of 2008, out of over 12,000 people. Over 80% preferred Android...
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