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The paper examines some of the internal and external environmental factors which influence the operations of Wal-Mart and Apple. These two organizations have managed to stay ahead of their competitors in the market over the years and this can certainly be attributed to several factors. The paper delves into some of the competitive advantages enjoyed by these corporations which make them popular with consumers across the world. Indeed, it is realized that several factors account for the success of these global brands. In the same way, it is seen that the success is always subject to many challenges in the process.

Internal and External environments
Every organization is usually surrounded by factors within and outside which affect its performance. These factors fall within the internal environment and the external environment. Wal-Mart is one such organization that has a set of internal factors which influence its operations. The corporate structure of Wal-Mart is seen to affect operations. Even though it is a public corporation, the majority of the stock is held by the Walton family which creates a lot of involvement from the family members. The family has much influence on the top level management of the organization. In the same way, the centralization of the organization in Arkansas is usually seen to be a major concern with respect to management as it creates challenges in control. The organization has a strong corporate culture which has greatly enhanced its success across the world (Chiron, 2012). On the other hand, the operations of the corporation are influenced by external factors most of which are beyond its control. The weaknesses realized in the global economy as a result of uncertain financial environment have affected many global corporations like Wal-Mart. In the wake of the financial crisis, the corporation faced major...
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