Compare and Contrast

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Dylan Bootier
ENG 050
Jessica Belk
19 March 2013
Comparing and Contrast Android and IPhone

As of now the latest IPhone (Apple) and Android are the latest and most powerful Operating Systems on the market. These devices are used with most everybody’s lives, and honestly who can live without their cell phone or tablet. In a single day more than 10,000 new electronics are purchase worldwide. With IPhone and Android leading as the top 2 with their Apple and Samsung devices has went head to head in competing for the best product. Apple manages to keep their consumers coming back for more. With this Apple is the leader that manages to stay on top being the most purchased product in the U.S. Meanwhile Android is not too far in the dust. These two have both earned their respects of the world. So let’s look at some perks of the two devices.

With IPhone having a screen size of 3.5 for the past generations, finally listening to the customer reviews and wants decided on its latest product add-on to make the screens bigger. The awesome and stunning IPhone 5 came to be the biggest screen that Apple has ever had. This is the biggest change to the IPhone as most consumers would say. It featured a retina display for nice chromatic picture and video display. With liquid crystal display that Apple claims that a natural human eye wouldn’t be able to notice pixilation. Apple also had enforced that this was the sleekest, thinnest, IPhone to date, weighing in at 3.95 ounces, light and durable. Next on the list IOS, while Android seems to have IOS beat in the market with their amazing Play store. Apple seems to be catching up in some areas to make the completion list. IOS features many new advanced features including; integration of ICloud, IMaps, Facebook and Twitter. One thing that Apple has tried to accomplish in there fantastic OS is that they designs all of their apps and software to be compatible, so that nothing ever is unstable in terms of use for their consumers. IOS...
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