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The best of All I wanted to speak about CAT
By (Version June 17, 2009) Compiled from the posts of successful MBA students and users from the discussion thread ‘All I Wanted to speak about CAT’ on

Special copy prepared exclusively for Ankit Madan
(This is the 8609th copy of the book)

The Best Of All I wanted to Speak About CAT Copyright 2009,, All rights reserved All text and content in this book is solely owned by Reproduction without permission in any form or means is illegal.

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Foreword Welcome to the first edition of The Best of All I Wanted to Speak About CAT. The Internet has the unique ability to bring out the inherent goodness within people in ways no other environment can. Everyday, millions of strangers join hands virtually to create something that is bigger than the sum of them all. Every year, hundreds of thousands of young students and professionals take a crack at the Common Admission Tests (CAT), the prime channel to secure admission into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes of the Indian Institutes of Management and a few other top Indian Business Schools. Less than five thousand actually manage to make it. This book is a compilation of the MBA entrance test preparation experiences of the successful few between 2004 and now, who took time out to write detailed chronicles of their tryst with getting through into a top MBA school on the MBA Forums. These are poignant stories of longing, small triumphs followed by large setbacks, dreams shattered and then rejuvenated, sheer hard work, winning attitudes and sucking victory from the jaws of defeat.

Prepared exclusively for Ankit Madan

Read the stories to know what it takes to get into a top MBA school in India, when everything goes wrong and when luck deserts you. Or whenever you feel uninspired, read your favourite story from this book to get back into the groove and crack that tough Quant problem. For the sake of not taking away from the chutzpah of the original posts, we have performed minimal language editing to the book. Do not be shocked if you find grammatical mistakes, Internet slang, a little bit of Hindi and some political incorrectness in there. Trust me, you wouldn’t enjoy these stories any other way. To make reading easier, we have included a Glossary of PaGaLGuY-speak in the beginning of the book. In this first edition of The Best of All I Wanted to Speak About CAT, we have only included the best stories of successful MBA aspirants who made it to the IIMs and a few other top b-schools. In future editions, where we shall include stories of a lot more people from more backgrounds. In many stories, you will find the writers praising to no end. While the fact remains that PaGaLGuY (quite probably) deserves (make it definitely) that praise, this book is not meant to be a surrogate plug for We obviously couldn’t have selectively edited out the praise Prepared exclusively for Ankit Madan

phrases (phraises?) and still kept the gist of the stories intact. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the All I wanted to Speak About CAT thread on ( A special thanks to the Moderators on PaGaLGuY – especially prem_ravi (Prem), rmbt (Rajat), nikhilkulk (Nikhil), Maverick (Anil) and Oxymoron (Girish) who helped keep the sacred discussion thread clean and immensely valuable to lakhs of MBA aspirants. Putting this book together was a mammoth task contributed to by among others Pooja Lapasia and Shivangi Narayan. Devadatta Sahoo was the technology brain behind making sure you got a personalized copy. See you in the second edition. Apurv Pandit Editor, June, 2009

Prepared exclusively for Ankit Madan

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