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Business schools essays are the yardsticks to assess the, level of confidence in you. MBA education is more of a case studies and experience oriented learning experience rather than gaining bookish knowledge. So it requires its students to add immense value to the classroom. For this reason, you should portray yourself as a person who knows what you want and who can gainfully contribute something tangible and unique to the classroom. You should show the MBA admission committee your strong curiosity and willingness to imbibe what the b-school has to offer.

So every essay that you write should consists of some basic fortifying elements. The first thing is to portray your achievements as team achievements. As you write about your leadership capabilities, acknowledge people in your academic or work settings who have made you the leader you are. Also focus on your soft skills like negotiation, communication and motivational skills. The essays should also contain glimpses of your proactive and initiatives. Tell them why you are unique. Most business schools look for students from different occupations, backgrounds and education. So give them examples of your experiences, travels, awards, special interests and hobbies. You can also write about your participation in community services and charity activities.

But writing a perfect MBA Entrance Essay is not easy. The committee wants to study you. To see what you are made up of, your dreams and aspirations, and will there be a symbiotic relationship between you and the School. Will you be that candidate, who will grow and will make the classroom rich? As you write, make sure that your essay is interesting. It should hook the reader, should be full of anecdotes, candid examples, vivid details and devoid of grammar and spelling mistakes. Present your post-MBA and long-term career goals vividly. Do thorough research on your goals and present them.

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