Performance Appraisal Using Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales at Federal Bank Limited

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I hereby declare that the project work titled ‘Performance Appraisal using Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale’ submitted to Mahatma Gandhi University is a record of the original work done by me and no part of it has been submitted earlier for any Degree, Post Graduation or similar of any other university or institution.

Place : Pullikkanam Signature : Date Name : Anish Basheer

Table of Contents
Relevance of Performance appraisal1
Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales1
Industry Profile2
Company Profile3
Products and Services4
Objectives of the study5
Data Collection5
Personal Information6
Age of the respondents6
Gender of the respondents7
Qualification of the respondent8
Analysis on performance dimensions9
Communication Skills9
Control over the class14
Fair and unbiased attitude24
Punctuality and Regularity29
Knowledge of the subject matter34
Relationship with the trainees39
Personal appearance44
Guidance and Helpfulness49
Analysis using Overall Mean Value Chart59
Analysis using BARS60

List of Tables

Table 1 - Age of the respondents6
Table 2 - Gender of the respondents7
Table 3 - Qualification of the respondent8
Table 4 - Communication with the trainers9
Table 5 - Trainers concern over the understanding of trainees10 Table 6 - Trainers’ correct flow of knowledge and information11 Table 7 - Trainers’ poor communicative skills12
Table 8 - Trainers’ failure in explaining the theories and concepts13 Table 9 - Undivided attention of the trainees14
Table 10 - Trainer’s ability to conduct class peacefully15 Table 11- General discipline of the class16
Table 12 - Impeachable disciplinarian during class17
Table 13 - Generating interest among the trainees18
Table 14 - Approachability at any time19
Table 15 - Approachability at particular time20
Table 16 - Unwilling to discuss or consult21
Table 17 - Hardly approachable trainers22
Table 18 - Negative attitude to queries23
Table 19 - Fair and Unbiased Trainer24
Table 20 - Easily influenced and biased trainer25
Table 21 - Evaluation methods are transparent26
Table 22 - Highly biased nature of the trainer27
Table 23 - Movement in a vicious circle28
Table 24 - Always punctual29
Table 25 - Never punctual trainer30
Table 26 - Misses a section but compensates31
Table 27 - Not punctual and regular nature of the trainer32 Table 28 - Not punctual and regular nature of the trainer33 Table 29 - Subject Knowledge of the trainer34
Table 30 - Enough knowledge but fails to impart35
Table 31 - Poor knowledge and Avoids questions or doubts36
Table 32 - Beating about the bush nature of the trainers37
Table 33 - The little knowledge is imparted38
Table 34 - Friendly and cordial with the trainees39
Table 35 - Trainer, being a pessimist40
Table 36 - Trainer being a guardian41
Table 37 - Humiliating way of behavior of the trainers42
Table 38 - Impudent nature of the trainer43
Table 39 - The trainer is well groomed44
Table 40 - Trainer appears badly groomed45
Table 41 - The trainer appears to be a luminary figure46
Table 42 - Trainer appears to be pedantic47
Table 43 - Not a role model for the trainees48
Table 44 - Timely guidance and help49
Table 45 - Not at all helpful nature of the trainer50
Table 46 - Unpredictable behavior of the trainer51
Table 47 - Unwilling to be a good guide52
Table 48 - Always in an over strung condition53
Table 49 - Honest and dignified behavior of the trainers54
Table 50 -Disrespectful and hateful manner of the trainers55 Table 51 - Very decent manner of the trainer56
Table 52 - Placid nature...
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