Buying Preferences of Edible Oil in Ahmedabad

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  • Published : July 23, 2010
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(Consumer Preference and Buying Behavior towards Edible Oil)

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L.J. Institute of Engineering and Technology

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Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)
2 year full time Program of Gujarat Technological University

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14th July 20___

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Here, I take this opportunity to humbly express my gratitude to all those concerned with my project entitled “CUSTOMER PREFRENCE & BUYING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS EDIBEL OIL”. I would like to share the success of my project amongst the persons who has directly or indirectly helped me to complete this project.

I first of all thank One Advertising & Communications Services Ltd for giving me the wonderful opportunity to undertake the venture. I would specially thank Mr.Jagan Dave for guiding me throughout the project and the report so as to make the study meaningful. I would also extend my gratitude towards L.J institute of engineering and technology and its director, Dr P.K Mehta, Dr Priyanka Pathak and the entire faculty who have been a constant source of inspiration, which ultimately leads to the point of success.

Table of Contents

|Serial No. |Chapter Title |Page No | |1 |Executive Summary and Recommendations |4 | |2 |Introduction to project |5 | |3 |Literature review and study of industry |17 | |4 |Objective/Problem statement |23 | |5 |Research methodology |25 | |6 |Data analysis and interpretation |34 | |7 |Conclusions and Recommendations |50 | |8 |Limitations of study |51 | |9 |Notes and references |52 | |10 |Annexures |53 |


This study is concerned with the preference and buying behavior of the consumers towards edible oil. As students of human behavior we are concerned with understanding consumer behavior with gaining into why individuals act in certain consumption related ways with learning what internal/external influences impel them to act to do so.

A survey was carried out to check the consumer preference and buying behavior of consumers towards edible oil. The objective of the research was to know the consumer preference about edible oil and also the consumer perception and opinion for the product. The other major objective was to know which criteria consumer follow before they purchase oil.

To fulfill the above objectives we prepared a questionnaire and surveyed 150 people and on basis of that data we came to know about the factors influencing consumer preference and consumer buying behavior towards edible oil.

Chapter-1: Introduction to Project

General Introduction:
Advertising, generally speaking, is the promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas, usually performed by an identical sponsor. Marketers see advertising as a part of an overall promotional strategy....