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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who assisted us in making this industrial training successful. In particular we would like to thank P.S Thomas (Executive Engineer), Pramod Kumar ( Assistant Exe.Engineer),who directed us all along the training period. We also thank other staff and trainees for their support and guidance. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Thampirajan C.R, Project Manager who allowed us to use the facilities in KDPP, Nallalam

KDPP is the second diesel power generating station of Kerala state electricity board. The first project is BDPP at Ernakulam. There are 8 no of generators installed in this plant and each has a capacity of 16MW. Total capacity is 128MW. Diesel engine is the prime mover of the alternator generating voltage of each alternator is 11 KV. 2 alternators are synchronized and connected in parallel in common bus bar through independent VCB at MV room and is connected to generator transformer of capacity 38 MVA, 1lkV/1l0kV.Thus there are 4 no. of GT's provided for eight engines and on service and another GT is provided for a spare at generator transformer yard . DIESEL GENERATOR HALL

The DG hall houses the entire prime mover alternator set. The prime mover used at KDPP is 18 V 46 C WARTS1LA diesel engines. It is a 4 stroke turbo charged and inter cooled engine with direct twin fuel injection. The engine uses two fuels - primary fuel being LSHS. Diesel is used for starting and stopping purposes.

* Cylinder bore :460 mm
* Stroke:580 mm
* No. of valve :2 inlet& 2 outlets
* Cylinder configuration :18 in v form
* V-angle:45
* Compression ratio :14:1
* Direction of rotation :clockwise
* Cylinder output:1050 kW
* Speed:500 rpm
* Piston speed :9.7 m/s
* Mean effective pressure :26.1 bar
* Firing pressure :200 bar
* Charge air pressure:3.1 bar

The engine has 18 cylinders, arranged in two banks with 9 cylinders in each bank. The banks are aligned in V - shape at an angle of 45 degrees. The cylinders have a diameter of 46 cm. The firing order of the engine is given below: A1-B8-A7-B6-A4-B3-A2-B9-A8

The piston reciprocates in these cylinders with a stroke length of 580 cm. each cylinder has a set of valves – inlet valve and exhaust valve and a fuel injection system. A cam mounted on a cam shaft operates these valves. The cam shaft is coupled to the crank shaft with asset of gears. The profile of the cams is arranged suitably for the perfect timing of the operation of the valves. Cam shaft is composed of a number of cams connected together to form a single shaft. This arrangement provides an economic method for replacement of individual cams during faults. The fuel injection system can be broadly divided into two parts -pressurizing unit and atomizing unit. Pressurizing unit consists of a plunger which reciprocates in a cylinder called barrel. These together forms a fuel pump which pressurize the fuel to about 450 bars. Atomizing units are nozzles which provide a fine spray of fuels into the cylinder. Two nozzles–main nozzle and pilot nozzle are present in each cylinder. A cam provides the up and down motion of the plunger in the barrel. The speed of the engine is maintained constant even when the load on the alternator varies. This is attained with the help of a governor. It adjusts the fuel input to the cylinder with load, which more fuel is supplied when the load is high and less fuel when the load is low. The quantity of fuel is controlled by providing a helical groove on the plunger. The relative angular position of the groove with spill pot determines the amount of fuel injected to the cylinder. This angular displacement is obtained by a rack and pinion arrangement. A mechanical over speed trip device is fitted at one end of the cam shaft. A centrifugal force which comes to play at high speeds of the...
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