Aircel Case Study

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  • Published : August 17, 2010
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The successful culmination of any project is due to the multi faced help directly or indirectly rendered by various people during the execution of the project. I express my foremost gratitude to AIRCEL DISHNET COMPANY Ltd Jammu branch ,and Collage of management, School of business, for providing me an opportunity to gather information for my project.

The people who actually facilitated this piece of study, taught me the corporate culture and in the same breath taught me how to deal with man power, I owe the growth in my learning curve to these people: Company Guide – Dishnet Wireless ltd, Aircel

I would like to acknowledge my obligations to MR. SURANDER KATARIA (Head HR- NORTH) Dishnet Wireless Ltd, Aircel bank for granting me the permission for the project work. Mr. MILAN (Asst Manager HR Deptt)

From the first day of my induction, he has been there throughout to facilitate my work ensuring that my work tenure was smooth. Mr. SHAMEEN MOHAMAD ( HEAD OF VAS ) I am highly indebted to my Project guide or Mentor Mr. SHAMEEN under whom we done the work and for his warm and constant guidance .I express my deep gratitude and sincere thanks to him. Last but not the list I wish my gratitude to the person who directly or indirectly help me to complete my project.

Thanks Chetan Sharma


Master of Business Administration is a course, which combines both theory and its applications as its contents of study in the field of management. As part and parcel of this course, every aspirant has to undergo an ‘in – company training’ in an organization. The purpose of this training is to expose the student of management sciences with real life situations existing in the organization and to provide an insight into the various functions who can visualize things what they have been taught in classrooms. Actually, it is the life force of management. It is in practical training that the effectiveness of management itself is realized. I was fortunate enough to do my training in AIRCEL DISHNET LTD.

As a complementary to training, every trainee has to prepare and submit a report on the working of the organization. This report is in continuation of that tradition. It is an attempt to present an account of practical knowledge and observations gathered during the training. Chetan Sharma


I hereby declare that the project report on “VALUE ADDED SERVICE IN AIRCEL is written and submitted by me to ____________________________________towards the fulfillment for the study of MBA. This project is based on my knowledge and database gained from the company. The report written is original work of me. The contents provided are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I further declare that, this project report is not been copied and submitted to any other university for any other degree, or requirement course.

Chetan Sharma 2008 MBE 05


➢ About telecom sector in India.
➢ Basic structure of Indian telecom.

➢ AIRCEL in Delhi
➢ Value added service ( VAS )
➢ Targets and Tasks Assigned
▪ Type of research design
▪ Method of collection data
▪ Scaling technique
▪ Sampling technique
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