Market Research Report - Pepsi

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Market Research Report
Pepsi Cola
MKT201: Market & Audience Research

Brand loyalty of generation Y to the Pepsi-Cola brand

Table of Contents

Summary of Background2
Marketing Problem3
Research Methodology4
Research Objectives4
Marketing Research Problems5
Analysis Steps Taken6
Statistical Procedures7
Findings from Analysis8
Recommendations and Implications9
Appendix 111
Appendix 213

Summary of Report

Pepsi-Cola brand is a brand that has been established within the refreshment industry since the 19th century. Pepsi pride the business of consumer products in beverages and snacks, on being one of the best in the world. They seek to produce financial rewards for investors providing opportunity and growth for their employees, business partners and the community they operate in. Pepsi strives to make core values the basis of everything they do; honesty, fairness and integrity.

The reason that this research process has been conducted is to determine the brand loyalty that is held with Generation Y for the Pepsi Cola brand. Generation Y is notorious for being very impulsive and impatient – they want something and they want it now. Direct marketing will no longer be effective for the youth of generation Y.

This report will define the strategic role of marketing and audience research in relation to the brand loyalty of generation Y to the soft drink, Pepsi-Cola. The research will be carried out via survey approach. Basic statistical concepts including probability sampling, hypotheses testing and confidence intervals will be shown. This will allow for the Pepsi-Cola brand to be able to identify the areas that need to be focused on in order to be able to gain maximum market share while also allowing for the research that has been conducted to give the brand the desired outcome.

Marketing Problem

The marketing problem and market research problem must be identified and kept at the forefront of this research process to ensure that the research team is working towards the same overall goal. The questions that are being asked will determine the general attitude of Generation Y to the Pepsi brand and why they do or do not consume the product. The questions are based around identifying which factors have the ability to make the consumer chose Pepsi as their beverage of choice. The questions that were asked were directed towards Generation Y and reflect the lifestyle choices that they make and the environment that they are involved in. By the Pepsi brand incorporating aspects that appeal to Generation Y in their marketing campaign they will be able to increase the share of the target market that they already possess. Research Methodology

Zikmond et al (2011) defines a survey as “a method of collecting primary data in which information is gathered by communicating with a representative sample of people”. Surveying a subset of the population is found as more time efficient and allows one to make conclusions about the population as a whole. Closed-ended and open-ended questions were used to get information based on the objective of the research process. Closed-ended questions require participants to choose from a limited number of responses predetermined by the researcher. There are 5 basic types of closed-ended questions: Multiple-choice; Categorical; Likert-scale; Numerical; and Ordinal. Closed-ended questions provide primarily qualitative data, and are frequently used in confirmatory research. (Please refer to Appendix 1 for survey)

A survey is a direct way of collecting quantitative, numerical, qualitative, or descriptive information. Once the survey has been conducted, you must then research into the marketing research problems.

Research Objectives

In order for the research process to be successful, it is vital that the research objectives are kept at the forefront and consistently referred back to by...
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