Amul Chocolate

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Marketing Research Project on
AMUL Chocolate

Submitted by:
Nabanita Kalita (15)
Priyanka Mahanta (33)


As we know research work needs hard work, keen insight and long patience with scholarly vision based on content operation hence it becomes a humble duty to express our sincere gratitude to Mrs. Rinalini Pathak Kakati, our Project In-charge for her ideas and help.

However, we accept the sole responsibility for any possible error of omission and would be extremely grateful to readers of this project report if they bring such errors to our notice.


For our research study we wanted to take up a product from the Indian industry. All other companies are primarily companies whose object right from its inception has been profit maximization. We are not saying that is not out there to make profits but the point we are trying to highlight is that Amul started as a cooperative which took on the responsibility of rural development through providing source of income to millions of farmers. It is one such company which has strongly infused the message of corporate social responsibility right through it started functioning. It had spurred the white revolution in the whole country. It has done so much pride to India by making it one of the world’s leading producer of milk. Many companies reach zenith but there are very few of them who adopt a social responsibility in their functioning. Amul is indeed different from all the other companies because it started its operations at the grass root level that is farmers. There cannot be a more noble cause than this for a company to adopt .Taking this into consideration we decided that we will take Amul as our subject of study.

During the whole project we got a lot of experience and came to know about the management practices in real that how it differs from that of theoretical knowledge and the practicality of real life.

In today’s globalized world, where cut throat competition is prevailing in the market, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Besides this one needs to have practical knowledge which would help an individual in his/her career activities.

We have taken Amul and then we have made an analysis of its advertising and sales promotion techniques, the communication mix employed by the company and how effective these strategies have been in positioning Amul as not only Amul but as Amul – The Taste of India .

The project has offered us enormous scope to enhance our practical understanding of the purpose and significance of advertising and sales promotion as an effective tool of Communication mix.

Executive summary:
This project was undertaken with the objective of studying the penetration of Amul chocolates in the outlet levels. It also looked into the different factor of stocking decision to the product in the retail outlets. In our study, both retailer’s and customer’s preference was studied by using questionnaire. A sample size of 30 respondents was taken for the study, whose responses were studied and interpreted .The sampling design was used convenience sampling. The process of analysis was done through excel work sheets, frequency table, percentage analysis etc.

It was found that due to low consumption of milk, there is not much awareness of milk product. It was the major cause to the low sell of Amul products. Like that penetration level in the outlet of milk product was low.

To consider the stocking decision of product in retail outlet, Trust of the company was the first preference of the retailer’s then credit on the product.

Finally the whole study of the research work, the company needs the effective advertisement of the product in the local channel and print media for awareness of Amul product.


A study of the penetration of „AMUL Chocolates in the retail outlets and the factors that influence the...
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