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Kudler Food’s Marketing Strategy
Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale food store specializing in the very best imported and domestic fare. They currently have three locations in the San Diego area: La Jolla, Encinitas, and Del Mar. Each store is located in a high profile area with stores up to 8,000 square feet. Kudler at each location carries bakery and pastry products, fresh produce, fresh meat & seafood, condiments and packaged foods, and cheese and specialty dairy products. Kudler’s mission is to offer the customer a pleasing and delightful shopping experience. Kudler’s Fine Food’s “shops the world” and only purchases the finest quality of products. Kudler Fine Foods is the purveyor of choice for customers aspiring to purchase the finest epicurean delights. They carry over 250 types of gourmet cheeses from 21 countries, over 350 fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, the meat and seafood are procured from certified organic producers, and each of our stores has its own modern European Style Bakery. History

Kudler was created in 1998 by Kathy Kudler, a defense contractor who found enjoyment in gourmet cooking. Kathy was looking for an outlet to relieve stress; once her passion took off she realized the market for a fine foods store. With in nine months of the first store opening Kudler’s Fine Foods in La Jolla was at a break-even point and was profitable with in the year. The success of the first La Jolla Kudler’s Fine foods allowed another store to be opened in 2000 in Del Mar, and in 2003 a third store in Encinitas. Importance of Market Research

Marketing is the vitally important to Kudler’s Fine Foods and it encompasses the entire business idea. This takes the customers point of view in to account when creating the marketing mix. Product, price, distribution channels, and marketing types need to be considered because this is what affects the customer’s response to the Kudler’s Fine Foods. It is imperative for Kudler’s Fine Foods to know the...
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