Melaka Toy Museum

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No.| Contents| Pages|
1| 1.0 Executive Summary| 2|
2| 2.0 Situation Analysis| 3|
3| 2.1 Company Analysis| 3-4|
4| 2.2 Macro-environmental PEST analysis| 5-6|
5| 2.3 Market Analysis| 7-8|
6| 2.4 Competitor Analysis| 9|
7| 2.5 SWOT Analysis| 10-15|
8| 3.0 Market Targeting and Positioning| 16|
9| 3.1 Target market| 16-18|
10| 3.2 Product positioning| 18-19|
11| 3.3 Suggestion to Melaka Toy Museum| 20|
12| 4.0 Marketing Strategy| 21|
13| 4.1 Product| 21-22|
14| 4.2 Price| 23-24|
15| 4.3 Distribution (Place)| 25|
16| 4.4 Promotion| 26-27|
17| 5.0 Financial| 28|
18| 5.1 Past Year Sales Report| 28-29|
19| 5.2 Marketing budget| 29-30|
20| 5.3 Sales forecasting| 31|
21| 6.0 Control| 32-33|
22| List of Reference| 34|
23| Appendices | 35-42|

1.0 Executive Summary

Melaka Toy Museum is a museum with a unique theme of toy exhibiting. The owner of the museum, Mr. George Ang, an artist and a collector, started to collect toys since his early childhood and developed his interest into sharing of toys. By accepting the suggestion of his family members, he then set up the first toy museum in Melaka, which is located in Jonker Street, Melaka. After his 3 years of contract ended, the museum was then moved to Bukit Baru, Melaka. The vision of the museum is to let the passion for toys to be spread around Melaka. The museum was initially built to share Mr. George’s collection of toys. However, after a few weeks since the museum begun its operation, Mr. George had found out that only his collection is not enough to attract the customers into the museum. Hence, he then starts to collect old toys. As the days goes by, the collection in the museum grew and more shelves are added into the museum. Throughout the years, the museum was visited by various type of customer; from foreign customers such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Americans, and more till local customers of preschoolers, who aged just around 4 years old. The museum often receives re-visits from toy collectors. However, the museum started to face low rate of customer visiting rate after the moving of the museum. Mr. George managed to survive the first few years of the museum by minimizing all the expenses. The museum achieved break-even by the end of the 4th operating years. It is initially very hard for us to plan for the museum as the museum is currently low in terms of budgeting. However, after a few rounds of discussion on the low cost budgets, we are able to come up with the marketing plans of: adjustment on the prices, increase of product range, selection of new locations, and building up a membership system to retain their customers. Melaka Toy Museum was expected to achieve an increase of 7% in net income by the next 3 years, with the low marketing budget of RM 10, 000. The museum will face losses on the second year due to the increase expenses planned to be implemented. Some of the museum’s main current objectives are to expand the size of their museum in order to provide the customer with a more spacious visiting environment, to become better known to the customers, to build up good relationship with the customers and media related people and to diverse the focus of exhibiting toys to retailing and exhibiting.

2.0 Situation Analysis
The company that we have chosen for this assignment is a museum known as Melaka Toy Museum, which is located at Bukit Baru Malacca. The owner of Toy Museum, Mr. Gorge Ang is an artist and he look at toys as a part of art. He started to collecting toys since his was young. According to Mr. George Ang, every month when he received his allowance during his childhood, instead of eating, he took all of his money to buy toys. Because a suggestion of having a place to share his toys to the public given by his family, he then opens the toy museum and focus on sharing the toys that he had collected with...
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