Busn460 Week 1 - 2 Analysis Report

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Team A – All Pro Consulting Week 2 Analysis Report
Kai Chan
Mary Ann Insall
Jason Borron
Thomas Burris
Marcus Coss

DeVry University

CanGo, Inc., founded in 1996 by founder and CEO Elizabeth and her friend Andrew, is located in Hudson Valley. It is an online company that is able to offer a wide variety of books, music and videos to consumers and end users. In addition to that, the company also recently included online gaming service for a low subscription fee. Although it was stated in the video that the company quickly became the fastest growing company in Hudson Valley with its larger than expected growth over the last few years, it is clearly all by chance. They may have been growing tremendously, but the fact of the matter is that they don’t know which direction is best for the company to go. With that said, CanGo has hired All-Pro Consulting services to review and make suggestion on what the company needs in order to change its course, expand and continue its operation. We will review and list the twelve biggest issues facing CanGo, Inc. and recommendations that will help reduce or eliminate the issues.

Issue One
As we conclude our review of week one videos and the customer information, we found that there are a lot of issues that needed to be resolved. Within the issues we’ve found, there were six issues that are large enough to warrant immediate attention. We will list the six listed issues from the most to least serious. Among the six listed issues, none are bigger than the fact that CanGo, Inc. does not have a mission statement. The mission statement is the back bone of the company. A company’s mission statement “defines what an organization is, why it exists and its reason for being.” (entrepreneur, 2012). Each of your employees will look at the statement and they will know that this company understands what they are doing and which direction they’re going to go. CanGo, Inc. provides all inclusive service to customer’s entertainment needs by offering different forms of literatures, music, videos and gaming, but the company seems confused on which way to go. In turn, the employees are led down the wrong way and without any explanation. To resolve this issue the company must come up with a mission statement that is in depth and powerful. Since the mission statement will be viewed by everyone including consumers and competitors, it will need to show what, when, why and how. The simply put it, CanGo, Inc. must sell itself with its mission statement. Issue Two

The next issue facing CanGo, Inc. is that the company doesn’t have any strategic planning. All Pro Consulting found that CanGo does not have a defined strategic plan. Strategic planning is important for businesses because it matches business strengths with marketplace opportunities and provides direction to meet goals (ehow.com, 2012). In this case CanGo Inc. needs to clearly define the purpose of the organization and to establish goals and objectives consistent with the mission in a defined time frame within the organization’s capacity for implementation. The leader of CanGo requires the use of its team members to effectively develop a plan. It clearly was shown that the CanGo team did not develop a plan for the company and it was neither discussed with they meet together. They need identify the planning process for the company to look ahead and be ready to expect a change within the company. When a company plans, it creates a definite direction and goals for the company? This is an issue that CanGo needs to accomplish so it can meet its goals and objectives for each area of the company. The way do this is by articulating the company’s vision, values, and the action plans to achieve the vision. Issue Three

The third issue facing CanGo Inc. is that a budget for the company needs to be in use to show financial reports on a daily basis. A budget can give information as to the companies expenditures, creates a financial...
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