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Intuitive Consultants
Week 8 Final Report
DeVry University
Business 460

February 17, 2012


Executive Summary2
SWOT Analysis2
Marketing Analysis5
Competitive Analysis6
Financial 7
Strategic Planning Recommendations8

Executive Summary
In 2006, CanGo began as a very small online retailer of books. The company’s founder and CEO, Liz Bennet, saw the internet as a great opportunity, and in her small apartment, she seized the moment. Ms. Bennet soon hired Warren Fox to assist in growing the company, and it was not long until the company began to expand. CanGo tapped into new markets, and now offers a wide selection of CDs, DVDs, and MP3s, as well as books.

In just a few short years, CanGo experienced significant growth and became a multi-million dollar company. In one year, the company increased net sales revenue by forty million dollars. Due to her rapid success, Ms. Bennet was recently honored as the Regent’s Business Leader of the Year, by the Hudson Valley Business Association (DeVry University, 2002). She understands the importance of CanGo’s employees, and knows motivation is the key to helping them grow and develop, which ensures success for the company, as a whole.

CanGo has set short-term objectives and is looking to expand into new markets, again. The company has defined its target market which includes Gen X and Gen Y groups, and offers products appealing to this demographic (CanGo, 2012). The company has entered the online gaming market, by purchasing Webjouster, an online gaming company (CanGo, 2010). Once more, Ms. Bennet saw a great opportunity for success, and capitalized on it. SWOT Analysis

* Technology
* Cross-over to Baby Boomers
* Market Share

* Technology
* Cross-over to Baby Boomers
* Market Share

CanGo is a relatively new yet well-established company, which has had great success. CanGo’s employees are innovative and are extremely knowledgeable of current trends in e-commerce. CanGo’s recent IPO has increased its revenue, which will give the company more capital to expand. There are several other benefits of becoming publically traded. The main advantages are “enhancement of company’s public profile, enhanced loyalty of key personnel, and superior efficiency of the business” (Trust Capital Group, 2011).

With the purchase of Webjouster, CanGo is in a great position to become a triple threat as an e-commerce company. The online gaming market has been climbing in recent years and in spite of the economy, consumers in the 2011, U.S. customers purchased 16.6 billion dollars in games, of which 7.3 billion was from various e-commerce sites (NPD Group, Inc, 2012).

Each of CanGo’s areas of weakness affects other areas of the company. The internal communication process promotes communication between coworkers. An effective communication process across both channels is necessary for a business to thrive. A communication department can make sure necessary information is getting to employees, while working hand-in-hand with the marketing department to ensure that the company, its products, and service are being marketed to the customers, according to the vision of the company. Likewise, effective communication within a company will affects it customer service ratings. CanGo’s poor customer service rating can be detrimental to the success of the company.

CanGo is in a great position to utilize new technologies that are already available such as online gaming, and company apps. Currently, the online gaming market is being dominated by consumers between the ages of 18-66 (Entertainment Software Association, 2011). Although CanGo is currently marketing to generations X and Y, but consumers over 55 make up 29% of online gamers. Marketing to Baby Boomers will put CanGo in a position to dominate an age group few companies...
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