Cango Week2

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CanGo Analysis Report

Table of Contents

Executive Overview1
Issue #11
Strategic Management1
Issue #22
Clear Objectives2
Issue #33
Project Management Training3
Issue #44
Taking ownership and communicating the company’s vision4
Issue #56
Team lead6
Issue #67
Team Communication Issues7

Executive Overview

CanGo is a successful company that wants to expand and ensure its continued success. In order to accomplish this task, Liz the CEO has hired Forward Progress to examine current management practices at CanGo and provide a report outlining deficiencies and resolutions. Forward Progress has observed the interactions of top executives, operations managers, and the rest of the staff at CanGo to determine what processes and efficiencies we can recommend to help them in their endeavors. Below is a list of issues that we have observed along with our recommendations on how CanGo can learn and grow from these experiences in order to build a stronger, more successful organization. Issue #1

Strategic Management

Liz is the owner of the company and she is having trouble articulating the how and why she started the business and why they are successful.  She is entrepreneurial, but very reactive and her strategy has been emergent thus far.  To continue to grow the business, we suggest she develop a strategic plan starting with a mission statements, goals, and visions for the company and sharing that with the employees of CanGo.


Mission statements describe the purpose of an organization, vision statements are used to identify the organizations goals, and value statements reflect the beliefs of the organization. It is important for a company, such as CanGo, to have well defined mission, vision, and value statements in order to move forward. There is a famous quote from Alice in Wonderland that fits quite nicely with this sentiment, "if you don’t know where you're going, any road will lead you there" (Carroll, 2006). When an organization has these fundamental statements, it can plan, organize, and manage itself to meet its goals. A SWOT analysis of the company should also be conducted to focus on the strengths and opportunities they have, and create risk management plans for the weaknesses and threats they foresee for the company’s success. Issue #2

Clear Objectives

Warren the operations manager seems like he knows what he is talking about at a very high level, but isn't really setting specific time frames, budgets, or scopes for the projects that he is delegating to the CanGo staff. He is clearly does not have project management skills. He is not giving specific people on the team clear objectives and timelines for them to complete the high level tasks he is talking about with them.  For example, he had a very brief conversation with the team telling them what he 'thinks' needs to happen for the project, but not assigning any tasks or time frames to anyone.  He also asked "Did we cover everything" which I do not think they are even close. 


CanGo needs to have a more thorough meetings to discuss scope, timing, budget for projects. They will need to determine if it is financially feasible for the company, and whether or not they have the appropriate resources in-house to handle the proposed project. By defining clear roles within the team, responsibilities, and deadlines you can ensure that everyone is clear on what needs to be done in order to complete the project on time and under budget. Each of the team members can also speak up if they are unclear or need help from management with their individual tasks, which leads us to our next finding. The use of meetings could also be an efficient way to help with the defining project responsibilities. Meetings to discuss scope, timing, budget, and whether or not they have the...
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