Team D Final Paper

Topics: Financial ratios, Financial ratio, Video game Pages: 9 (3263 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Senior Project Week Eight

Final Report

Professor: Donna Pearson

Group D

Go The Distance

Tamika Wair
Kim Thomas
Roeun Rem
Evan Thomas
Jessica Stone
Carlene Rush

CanGo is a fictional Internet startup company that retails a variety of products and a service, ranging from books and videos to online gaming services. CanGo is ready to expand and move forward but is still unsure which way to go. That is why Team Go the Distance is here today. We have been very dynamic in the past at pointing out the amount of potential that a company has and where to go from there. With an investment in new technology to improve process flows such as bar codes and automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), CanGo will improve their strategic impact. CanGo is also proud to boast of its excellence in providing dependable and efficient customer service in product delivery and support. The company website is accessible and easy to use. CanGo thrives on developing a website that is informative and fun to use with exciting entertainment to keep customers satisfied. We are here with a strong showing of what we notice about CanGo and what the competition has in common. This allows us to show the gaps and help bridge them with an SWOT analysis, this aids by telling which components are needed to be change and which factors can be implemented for immediate and future success.

In order to have a successful company you need to implement a strategic plan that will allocate your resources and pursue avenues that will put CanGo in a direction that is logical and beneficial to advance from a growing company to a striving business; this is where Team Go The Distance excels. Strategic Planning will benefit CanGo by allowing it to:

1. Clearly define its goals consistently with its Vision and Mission Statement. 2. Communicate effectively your goals to all of the organization. 3. Provide a foundation on which to direct future efforts. CanGo should begin by creating a Vision and Mission statement. The Vision Statement is an aspirational description of what CanGo wants to be, what you want to achieve and accomplish in the future. The Mission Statement will define why CanGo exists and what it does to achieve your vision.

This is only a part of the Strategic Business Plan; the process can be organized in three steps: Formulation| Implementation| Evaluation|
* Vision * Mission * Goals * SWOT Analysis * Strategic Choice| * Tactical Plans and Objectives * Functional Plans * Value Chain Structure| * Continuous Improvement * Budgets * Scheduling * Key Success Factors * Milestones| Team Go the Distance can help CanGo can complete the critical Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis. The remainder of the tools and processes will build from this important process. Team Go the Distance is capable of implementing extensive research into CanGo, its competitors and the marketplace information will allow CanGo to develop a business plan that will take it to the next evolutionary step. CanGo needs to undertake this process that Team Go the Distance can help them reach its success completion. We have the ability to help you research, document, and complete all the necessary steps to achieve the goal of beginning your Strategic planning process. Planning is critical not only as the big picture but in your everyday task, goals, and projects that CanGo will be carrying in the future. If you are looking for a team who can take your business to the next level, look no further Team Go the Distance is the best. CanGo faces many competitors in the online shopping and gaming industry. What do these top three competitors have the CanGo doesn’t and what does CanGo have that the competitors don’t? CanGo’s top three competitors are,, and Each of these competitors has their own personal touch with their consumers and customers. CanGo needs...
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