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CanGo Analysis Final Report
Lucrative Strategies Consulting

Executive Summary
This consulting report concerns CanGo’s attempt to establish new business ventures to enhance the vitality of the organization through entering the enormous electronic gaming industry that is rapidly expanding. There is a significant amount of demographics that will embrace the virtual world of On-Line Gaming, since electronic entertainment has been revolutionized through increasing access to interactive online gaming with access to high-speed internet. Thus more, global games industry revenues were at 60.4 billion in 2009 and expected to rise to 70.1 billion in 2015. The value of this proposition is to increase revenues, increase speed, expand reach, and increase effectiveness. CanGo is offering a combination of software and hardware, which include On-line Gaming, e-Books, MP3 sales, and audio/video streaming. In order to reach these consumers effectively our firm has developed a strategic plan, SWOT Analysis, competitive advantage, marketing analysis, and financial analysis to enable CanGo to reach the vast wants and needs of the consumers through their vision and mission. SWOT

As we set the stage to review the SWOT analysis let us first consider the framework using the SWOT matrix. The strengths and weaknesses are in the internal control of the organization. The key point is that issues in our control will allow CanGo to implement immediate action, as improvements and corrective actions are identified. External forces to CanGo, in opportunities and threats are out of the organizations control (Marr, 2009). However, with proactive execution of opportunities, and proper strategic planning that considers threats, CanGo can successfully navigate through external forces. [pic]

The SWOT analysis sets the foundation for developing strategic and tactical planning. Strengths and Weaknesses are in the internal control of the organization. First let us consider the positives in CanGo’s strengths. The CanGo brand has enjoyed growing brand awareness and a good reputation for their commitment to quality. A growing customer base is the result of taking a proactive approach in a customer retention strategy, addressing click through rates and abandon shopping carts. The CanGo team has a strong focus on timely delivery of orders. E-Commerce continues to be a growing industry and there is strong demand for wide range of products and services that CanGo is well positioned in the market space. Weaknesses, yes they are negative factors however they are in CanGo’s internal control. Limited resource issues we have identified range from staffing, to operations, to capitol needed for growth opportunities. Technology limitations need implementation planning that considers long term strategic plan and with many new potential projects on the table we need a focused development effort looking into the technical requirement and possible solutions. Customer service complaints need to be addressed. We need that personal connection with the customer. Customer service training and process improvements need to be a top priority. External forces can make or break a company that does not make both opportunities and threats visible during the strategic planning stage. Opportunities are a good thing. New ventures position us for; growth, new projects, new products, and new product categories. Globalization has opened International markets for business. There is a huge potential of sales growth in China, India, and Brazil (Gunther, M. (2010, July 8). The World's new economic landscape. CNN Money, Fortune Global 500, Retrieved from international/world_economic_landscape.fortune/index.htm). In fact, we have already seen the CanGo brand deliver on sales in Japan with little effort. Streamlining the business with new technologies will allow for greater efficiencies and flexibility in the core...
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