Businesses Need to Invest in Creative Thinking If They Want to Be Successful .

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Essay Topic : Businesses need to invest in creative thinking if they want to be successful .

Recent years, due to the burst of the businesses, the competition between companies is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, creative thinking catches more attentions from businessmen. Serrat (2009) argues that compared with the past time, importance of creative thinking in products, service, procedures, and processes increases. This argument states that the creative thinking plays a significant role in current situation (the fierce competition). The objective of this essay is to discuss the significant role of creative thinking plays in modern enterprises where exist a large requirement of improving quality and function of products, a more energetic workplace, and a sort of ability to solve the problems the company may confront in developing process.

One of the major advantages is that creative thinking can help companies to improve the quality and function of products, and afterwards facilitate their occupation of the market. With the development of technology, the customers’ requirement in quality and function of products become higher and higher. Hence, under the circumstance of fierce competition, it is significant for companies to realize the importance of fulfilling customers’ requirements if they want to win opportunities and defeat rivals. For instance, Apple performs well in satisfying customers’ needs and becomes one of most successful companies in the world. As Bajarin (2012) concludes, the main reason for Apple’s success is that "For any product that Apple creates, the people who create it have to want it themselves". It supports the importance of creative thinking that Apple creates the products with it and makes the products incomparable and indispensable. Furthermore, engineers believe that creativity originates fancy functions and higher quality, which are the essence of products. Thus, creative thinking is an essential and critical factor for...
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