Critical Thinking vs. Innovative Thinking

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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"Critical Thinking" vs "Innovative Thinking"

There are many positive and useful uses of critical thinking, for example formulating a workable solution to a complex problem, deliberation as a group about what course of action to take or analyzing the assumptions and the quality of the methods used in scientifically arriving at a reasonable level of confidence about a given hypothesis. Using stong critical thinking we might evaluate an arguement, for example, as worthy of acceptance because it is valid and based upon true premises/results. Innovative thinking on the other hand is ideally the mental phase that is also marked by the increasing power of ideas to change social life. Therefore, it is not surprising that the innovative stage of thinking is that of the mental stage of development responsible for the formulation of a great number of organizational innovations. Huge business corporations have emerged that make more money than even the total earnings of some small countries.


Critical AND Innovative thinking are not about bashing what people believe just to show how clever we are. Nor is it about using just our skills to defend beliefs that we know are untrue or decisions we know are poor. Instead, they appear to be intended to be used as a means to seek truth (small "t") with intellectual energy and integrity as well. These types of thinking are open-minded without being wishy-washy. They are analytical without being knit picky. These ways of thinking can be decisive without being stubborn, evaluative without being judgemental and forceful without being opinionated....

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